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Vodafone TV

Experience TV like never before

  • Favourites in one place
  • Freedom to switch devices
  • Control like never before

Our broadband plan prices will change in February. The cost for us to provide Broadband has been increasing and as a result our monthly broadband prices (excluding Home Wireless Broadband) will go up by $3 from 1 February 2019. Find out more.

Broadband now includes TV like never before

Sign up to our Ultimate Home Broadband on Fibre/FibreX or VDSL^ and we'll include a Vodafone TV intro package, valued at $29.99 per month to get you started.

Vodafone TV is a new way of watching TV. It gives you freedom and control over what you watch; enabling you to keep all your content in one place regardless of the show or channel you’re watching. It also houses your apps together including TVNZ onDemand, ThreeNow, YouTube and Netflix*. The future of TV is here.

Features like never before

Icon: Personalised viewing list.

Everything in one place

With your favourite apps and entertainment all in one place, you can easily switch from recordings to your TV guide. You can even search for programmes from different content providers so you don’t have to open each one individually.

Icon: Enhance your viewing.

Enhanced entertainment with apps

Get access to on-demand and catch-up content with our Vodafone TV app, and browse our growing catalogue of international and local apps.

Icon: A clock face.

Restart and 3-day catch-up

Find and watch programmes that have aired up to 3 days ago, or restart a show from the start.
*Restart, and 3-day catch-up not available on all content.

Icon: A tablet and smartphone.

Pick up watching on other devices

Pause your favourite show or movie on TV and resume watching on your mobile or tablet.
*Not available on all content. Needs compatible device.

Icon: A record button.

Programme Recording

There’s no limit to the number of programmes you can record at once, even if they're playing at the same time.
*Recording not available on all content. Recordings stored for a limited time.

Icon: An arrow pointing up into a cloud.

Hundreds of hours of recording

Store all your favourite recordings including TV shows, concerts and sporting events on Vodafone TV’s cloud storage.
*Recording not available on all content. Recordings stored for a limited time.

Get Vodafone TV

Sign up to Fibre, FibreX* or VDSL (minimum speed required) with our Ultimate Home Broadband plan and access a world of entertainment like never before. Add multi room (excluding Intro) at check-out for $20.



Sorry! You can't get this offer because Fibre, FibreX* or VDSL with an eligible speed isn't available at your address. Please browse our other available plans.

Unfortunately the VDSL speed at your address doesn't meet the streaming requirements for Vodafone TV. We do have some other options available here

Unfortunately the VDSL speed at your address doesn't meet the streaming requirements for Vodafone TV. We do have some other options available here

Great! you can enjoy our offer because the eligible speed of VDSL is available at your address.

Great! You can enjoy our offer because Fibre is available at your address.

Sorry! You can't get this offer because it isn't available at your address. Please browse our other available plans.

Great! You can enjoy our offer because FibreX* is available at your address. Check if we offer Fibre – 0800 222 664

Great, you can get FibreX*, which means you're eligible for our offer. Plus you’re also eligible for our 3 working day install, or a $100 credit if not installed in time. Check if we offer Fibre – 0800 222 664

Sorry, Fibre, FibreX* or VDSL with an eligible speed is not available at this address. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you Vodafone TV without a Fibre or FibreX* connection. Please browse through our other available broadband plans here

Great! You can enjoy our offer because Fibre is available at your address. However, the service you've selected may have extra costs. Please call us on 0800 222 664 so we can confirm any extra charges.

Sorry! You can't get this offer because we couldn't confirm if Fibre, FibreX* or VDSL with an eligible speed is available at your address. Please browse our other available plans or give us a call on 0800 222 664

Upgrade Speed

  • Fibre 100
  • Fibre 200
  • Fibre Max

Upgrade to Fibre 200 broadband: No

Upgrade to Fibre Max broadband: No

Upgrade to Fibre Max broadband: No

Upgrade to Gigatown: No

Upgrade to FibreX Max* broadband: No

SKY with Vodafone: No


Important things to know

View other recommended plans?: No

Please see our broadband page for important things to know about Ultimate Home.

  • Your Vodafone TV box will be sent to you once your new broadband service is connected/activated (and can be plugged in immediately).
  • Your bundle price for your selected Vodafone TV plan includes Ultimate Home Broadband at $94.99 for Fibre 100/FibreX 200 & VDSL, or $114.99 for FibreX Max, or $124.99 for Fibre Max.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with an active Sky through Vodafone account.
  • Your broadband will be connected first. This could be connected part way through a month but, we’ll only charge you the Ultimate Home Broadband monthly price on a pro rata basis from when your broadband is connected until the end of that first month.
  • Your Vodafone TV can be plugged as soon as your broadband is connected.
  • You will be charged your full bundle price from the 1st month following your broadband installation as all aspects of your bundle will be available to you.
  • The Vodafone TV set top box must be plugged into your modem and your TV’s HDMI input.
  • We remain the owner of the Box. If the Box is not returned within 4 weeks following disconnection of the Vodafone TV Service or is damaged beyond reuse, a $120 charge will be applied to your account.
  • You are responsible for your own internet service charges. Get the most out of your plan and minimise the amount of mobile data used on the Vodafone TV app by ensuring that, where possible, you use the service on your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Recordings are stored for a limited time and will no longer be accessible when they expire.  The timeframe for each recording expiry differs.  An expiry notification will be added to your programme recording 10 days before it expires.  You can view this by clicking on the tile for each programme recording.
  • We are not responsible for the loss of any recorded content.
  • Audio Description, Closed Captioning and Pay Per View functions will be available on Vodafone TV in the near future.
  • We cannot guarantee that Vodafone TV will be compatible with all devices and you are advised to check your device's compatibility with us if you are unsure. Generally it should work with all iOS iPad, iPhone (iOS 7 to 11) and Android Tablet or Smartphone devices (Android 4.1 up to 8).
  • Content, features and functionality vary according to subscription type. Find out more.
  • Netflix and all other subscription service costs are additional.
  • Vodafone TV is for your personal, non-commercial use only.
  • You can register up to three compatible devices, and you are limited to one concurrent stream at a time (this means you can watch on your TV and one mobile/tablet device at the same time).

Offer Summaries:

Important things to know 

Already with Vodafone?

If you are an existing Vodafone broadband customer, call us if you're ready to bring the future of entertainment into your home.

All content you love and more

Vodafone TV Packages let you access a variety of channels (based on your subscription) and offer the apps below
Three Now
Love Nature
Vodafone Help

This package comes bundled with most of NZ’s Free-To-Air channels (some regional channels excluded) with the latest features of Vodafone TV.

Three Now
Three Life
Choice TV
The Edge
Te Reo
Maori TV
Parliament TV
Hope Channel
First Light

Upgrade your TV viewing experience with this package which comes bundled with SKY Starter in addition to all the latest features of Vodafone TV.

+Intro Channels
Disney XD
Nick Jr
Disney Channel
Disney Junior
Cartoon Network
Trackside 1
Trackside 2
The Shopping Channel
Comedy Central
E Channel
Food Network
MTV Music
MTV Classic

For the sports enthusiasts, we created a special package which includes SKY Starter and SKY Sport in addition to all the latest features of Vodafone TV.

+Intro +Starter Channels
Sky Sport 1
Sky Sport 2
Sky Sport 3
Sky Sport 4
Sky Sport Pop-Up

If movies and TV shows are more your thing, this package includes SKY Starter and SKY Entertainment in addition to all the latest features of Vodafone TV.

+Intro +Starter Channels
Jones Too!
Box Sets
Living Channel
Animal Planet
National Geographic
History channel
BBC Knowledge
BBC World News
Fox News
Crime Investigation

Go all in with this package which includes SKY Starter, SKY Sport and SKY Entertainment in addition to all the latest features of Vodafone TV.

+Intro +Starter Channels
+Sport+Entertainment Channels
Movies Premier
Movies Extra
Movies Action
Movies Greats
Movies Classics
Family Pop-up
Movies Pop-up
Disney Movies

Download the Vodafone TV App today!

On selected content you can pause TV shows, sports and movies on your television and continue watching them later on your smartphone or tablet.

Go ahead, download the app today.

Download on the App Store Android app on Google play

Getting started

If you recently got your Vodafone TV box, getting set up is easy as. Just watch the video below to see one of our Vodafone Ninjas walk you through the installation.

Get to know Vodafone TV

Enjoy the ability to pause*, play or restart live TV - or even pick up where you left off on your tablet or mobile.

Watch all the how to setup videos


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