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Personal Broadband Ways to connect UltraFast Hybrid Fibre

UltraFast HFC Broadband

It’s ultra-fast, ultra-easy, and ultra-affordable.
People listening to music together
People listening to music together

Get ultra-fast download speeds at home

Vodafone’s UltraFast HFC delivers unlimited data and ultra-fast download speeds up to 700-900 Mbps. These very high data speeds give you the bandwidth to run multiple high-data devices at home at the same time – play games, watch movies, listen to music, and meet online.

UltraFast HFC is ultra-easy to get setup at your place. One of our technicians can complete the set up to get your wifi up and running quick-smart. And it’s ultra-low cost. Our UltraFast HFC Max plan delivers all this with unlimited data at a lower cost than our most popular fibre plan.

UltraFast HFC is exclusively available in parts of Wellington, Kapiti Coast, or Christchurch. So, if you're lucky enough to live there, then use our address checker to see whether you can access the performance and value of UltraFast HFC.

Important things to know

UltraFast HFC Max is the fastest connection available on Vodafone’s superfast Gigabit network. But, “Gigabit” describes the network speed capability, and not the actual speed you will experience.

Actual user speeds will vary and are affected by various factors including how you’re connected to the internet (using a Gigabit Ethernet cable is better than WiFi, which could have a large impact on speed), the hardware and software used, number of devices connected, time of day, and where the data is downloaded from. In really good conditions, we expect you’ll get download speeds of up to 700-900 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 90-95 Mbps.

Vodafone UltraFast HFC

  • Vodafone UltraFast HFC is not available everywhere. It is only available in parts of Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti.
  • Gigabit network speed capability exceeds user speed capability. Actual user speeds will vary and are affected by various factors including how you're connected to the internet (using a Gigabit Ethernet cable is better than WiFi, which could have a large impact on speed), the hardware and software used, number of devices connected, time of day, and where the data is downloaded from. In really good conditions, we expect you'll get download speeds of up to 700-900 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 90-95 Mbps.
  • Traffic management policy, residential use and terms apply to Unlimited Broadband data.
  • Early termination fees apply.
  • Consumer Terms and Conditions, Residential Broadband, TV and Fixed Line Terms and Conditions, Unlimited Broadband Terms and Conditions will apply.

  • If you're switching to Vodafone your existing provider may charge you an early termination fee.
  • Free use of a Vodafone UltraFast HFC modem and Vodafone Ultra Hub, and standard broadband connection and wiring offer is available when you choose a contract term.
  • Non-standard installation charges may apply.


  • VodafoneTV is not available everywhere.
  • Only on eligible plans. The VodafoneTV Recorder remains the property of Vodafone.
  • To access high definition content you will need a high definition capable TV, have Freeview|HD, or have subscribed to SKY Basic and the SKY channels that include HD content.


  • To access high definition content you will need a high definition capable TV, have subscribed to SKY channels that include HD content, and have a HD Ticket - $9.99 per month (per household). No joining fee for SKY standard domestic install for new to SKY customers.

Static IPs on UltraFast HFC update - November 2016

The recently upgraded Vodafone UltraFast HFC 1GB network uses Dynamic IP addresses by default, which differs from how most legacy cable plans were treated in the past (with a standard static IP address).

Most residential users can use Dynamic IP addresses (DHCP). However if a customer wishes to purchase a static IP address then they can do for $4.99 per month.

What is an IP address? IP stands for Internet Protocol. It’s a unique number that's assigned to your computer to let your internet service provider know where it is (think of it as a street address, but for your computer). There are two types of IP addresses:

Static IP - your IP address remains the same every time your computer logs on to the internet.

Dynamic IP - a new IP address is assigned by the network every time you log on. This is done so every time you log off the internet, the IP you were using can go back into the pool of available IPs and be assigned to another user to prevent congestion on the network.

Dynamic IP addresses are now the most commonly used IP method for all broadband networks.

Static vs. Dynamic IP addresses - While Static IPs can be useful in some cases, but are not needed for you to enjoy an uninterrupted and fast internet experience.

If you use your computer to connect to the internet for any of the following reasons, you don't need a static IP:

  • Browsing the internet. This includes browsing video-based websites like YouTube.
  • Sending and receiving emails.
  • Downloading or uploading files. This includes using online storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services like WeTransfer.
  • Chatting via instant messaging services.
  • Running a FTP server which doesn't allow other users to connect to your server or an intranet-based server which is only visible and accessible to specific users and not any other internet user.
Using a Static IP Address. While most home users don't need a static IP, there are a few exceptions.

  • If you are running a server connected to the internet. This could be a web server, an email server, a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server or a Domain Name System (DNS) server.
  • In each of these cases, you need other computers to be able to find your computer easily, every single time they log onto the internet. A static IP eliminates any confusion and ensures a quick and hassle-free connection. It also allows you to access your server remotely, from another computer, via the internet. Another reason to have a static IP is for licensing requirements. For instance, if you have a Financial Terminal set up to your computer or if you use a licensed application which needs to be monitored at all times.
  • A static IP is also needed if you run IP-PBX or any similar system which is designed to receive high quality audio and video.
For technical support, or if you have any other questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Offer Summary

Our UltraFast HFC broadband packages

Man talking on the phone and his daughter writing in a notebook.
Man talking on the phone and his daughter writing in a notebook.
Man talking on the phone and his daughter writing in a notebook.
Man talking on the phone and his daughter writing in a notebook.

UltraFast HFC broadband with home phone

​UltraFast HFC Broadband can be bundled with a home phone, giving you a broadband connection and telephone voice calling over broadband.
Woman showing her mobile phone to another woman
Woman showing her mobile phone to another woman
Woman showing her mobile phone to another woman
Woman showing her mobile phone to another woman

UltraFast HFC broadband with SuperWifi

Get SuperWifi with your UltraFast HFC Max broadband plan and get the full power of mesh Wifi in every room of your home.

Call us to find out the best broadband plan for you

Additional information

Before you buy

New customers, to sign up you'll need:

  • A valid New Zealand driver’s licence OR
  • A copy of your New Zealand passport* OR
  • A copy of your international passport, plus a copy of your residency visa, which must be valid for the duration of the plan's term.*
  • You must be over 18 years of age to sign up.
*Can be supplied in PDF, JPEG, GIF, JPG or PNG format.

You may also need the following:

  • Current account details or a bill from our current provider if you’re transferring your service from another provider
  • SKY account details or recent SKY bill if you want to transfer your SKY services to Vodafone
  • Your Vodafone mobile phone - if you're taking the On Account mobile calling discount. During the sign up process we will TXT you a validation code that you’ll need to enter to confirm your eligibility.
  • If you're just switching your phone line over to Vodafone and have broadband with another provider, your broadband may be disconnected when your phone line is moved to us. If you're signing up to one of our naked broadband plans and you have an existing phone line that you use for your home phone calling connected with another provider, this will be disconnected
  • Your previous address - if you’ve only lived at your current address for less than a year
  • Consent from your landlord - if you’re renting and want Ultra Fast Broadband, and your address is eligible
  • Your credit card details if you want to set up your account to be paid by credit card each month
Already a Vodafone fixed line and broadband customer?

You can add to or change your services in My Vodafone – or call us on 0800 438 448.

Broadband and installation

About broadband

  • Your broadband speed will vary depending on a number of factors including NZ and overseas networks, your modem and computer technology including WiFi capability, internal home wiring, other environmental factors, and how many other people are using it at the time. Uploads and downloads count towards your monthly allowance
  • If you’re switching to Vodafone your existing provider may charge you an early termination fee
  • If you have a security alarm, there is a possibility the alarm may not work with your connection type
  • A Vodafone Ultra Hub and standard broadband connection offer is available if you’re new to Vodafone and sign up to an eligible plan for 12 or 24 months. (Modem postage and handling fee applies)
  • Broadband is not available everywhere, and only particular types of broadband services may be available in some areas
  • We cannot guarantee the availability of broadband services to you until the services are connected
  • Your data allowance: When you reach the end of your plan’s data allowance, you will be charged the excess rate of $2 per gigabyte, or part thereof. Subject to change during the fixed term of your contract.

Broadband speeds

For our current average download and upload speeds, please refer to our Broadband Speed Summary on our Broadband plans page.

Early termination fee & notice period

We made changes to our early termination charges from 26 February 2020.

  • An Early Termination Fee will apply if you choose to disconnect or downgrade to a lower value broadband plan before the fixed term's end date.
  • You need to let us know 30 days in advance if you wish to cancel any service.
  • If you joined Vodafone from this date, on one of our current in market plans, a graduated early termination fee will apply:
    • $199 early termination fee applies to a 12-month term and will reduce by $50 every three months.
    • $299 early termination fee applies to a 24-month term and will reduce by $40 every three months.
  • If you are an existing customer on one of our older plans and your Vodafone bill references Vodafone B, Vodafone C or REF:TCL, an early termination fee of $199 applies to a 12 month term and $299 early termination applies to a 24 months term.

On Account mobile discount

  • A $10 monthly discount applies to your broadband package when it is linked to an eligible Vodafone On Account mobile calling plan, which you or an employer pays for
  • Eligible plans do not include Prepay, Mobile Broadband, Mobile data, TXT only, Free2Call, Biz Mobile, Biz Data, Invitation Mobile GSM and Free Access plans
  • You can only have one On Account mobile calling plan monthly discount per broadband plan
  • If you have an existing 12 month term discount of $10 per month it will automatically be replaced by the On Account mobile calling plan discount if you link your mobile number. You can only have one of these $10 discounts per broadband plan
  • To receive the discounted monthly pricing for your home broadband plan, you have to have followed the process to link and validate your On Account mobile calling plan to your home broadband plan and remain on a validated On Account mobile calling plan
  • Each validated On Account phone number may only be registered against one home broadband plan to receive the monthly discount
  • The discount will cease to apply if you no longer have an eligible On Account mobile calling plan with Vodafone

Set up fees


For 12 and 24 month term:

  • Free modem and standard broadband connection if you’re new to Vodafone and sign up to an eligible plan for 12 or 24 months. (14.95 modem postage and handling fee applies)
For open term:

  • Standard broadband connection charge applies.
  • A Vodafone Ultra Hub modem may be purchased for $149 ($14.95 postage and handling charge applies) or you can choose to bring your own Fibre capable modem.
Additional charges may apply for non-standard Fibre connections

Home phone

Additional charges.

  • Phone features are an additional monthly charge to your home phone monthly fee.
  • The monthly fee for phone Add-Ons is charged in advance. If you cancel any of these services part way through the month you will still be billed to the end of the month.
  • There is a minimum charge of one minute for all fixed line calls. After that, your call will be rounded up and charged by the minute.
  • Audio conferencing and calls to destinations not included in your calling plan will also be charged at the per minute rates of your calling plan.
  • If you dial 059 or 0161 to access Telecom's network before making a call from your Vodafone home phone you'll be charged at Telecom's retail rates.
  • 018 and 0900 and other special numbers are also not included in your calling plan and will be charged in addition to your calling plan.
  • If you dial an area code before a local call, those calls will then be charged at national call rates.

UFB fibre, cable home phone, VDSL (calling over broadband) calling rates.

  • National calls $0.26 per minute $3.00 capped call rate (up to 2 hours). Calls in excess of the two hour per call cap will be charged at $0.25 per minute.
  • Calls to national mobiles are $0.39 per minute.
  • See our international calling rates.
*Calling rates are subject to change and may vary between satellite prefix numbers.

Broadband FAQs

What is the 111 Contact Code?

The Commerce Commission's 111 Contact Code (“111 Code”) was created to ensure that Vulnerable Consumers have reasonable access to an appropriate means of calling 111 emergency services in the event of a power failure.

Newer home phone services such as voice calling over broadband, which rely on an active working broadband service, won’t work in the event of a power failure, without an independent power source. The 111 Code requires Telecommunication Service Providers to provide Vulnerable Consumers with an alternative solution to contact 111 in an emergency.
If you are receiving Vodafone household voice calling over broadband services over Fibre, UltraFast HFC, VDSL, ADSL or Wireless technology and you, or someone you live with, do not have access to a traditional copper phone line, and is likely to need to contact 111 for health, safety or disability reasons and, you do not have the means to do so during a power failure, please read the information below and fill out a Vulnerable Consumers Application form.

If you qualify, Vodafone will provide you with an alternative means of contacting 111 in the event of a power failure, free of charge.

What is the difference between ADSL, VDSL, Fibre, UltraFast HFC and Wireless broadband?

ADSL stands for 'Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line', and it uses the copper network from Chorus. ADSL is ideal for basic internet activities like web browsing, email and online banking.

VDSL is faster than ADSL, but not as fast as Fibre. VDSL lets you enjoy better HD video streaming and sharper online video chats, when compared to ADSL.

Fibre broadband is faster than ADSL and faster than VDSL. Fibre broadband delivers your data over fibre optic cables, much faster than other technologies.

UltraFast HFC is faster than ADSL and VDSL. UltraFast HFC is a Vodafone's hybrid fibre coaxial network, that uses world-leading DOCSIS 3.1 technology for high speed data.

Wireless Broadband is super fast broadband, delivered over our 4G mobile network. The modem comes with a SIM card pre installed, making it very easy to set up.

What is Naked Broadband?

Naked broadband is an internet connection without a home phone and is available with ADSL, VDSL, Fibre, UltraFast HFC and Home Wireless Broadband plans.

What is the process for Fibre installation?

Once you’ve signed up for a fibre plan, you will then need to choose a date for our technician to come and discuss your installation with you. During this meeting, they will let you know if there’s any digging involved and confirm if you need your neighbours’ consent before the installation.

Once this is complete, our fibre broadband team will set up the fibre connection outside your house, development or apartment complex.

You then need to agree to a date for the line to be connected inside your home. You will need to be at home during this step. The installation steps may all happen in one day, or it may take more than one visit depending on what’s required.

How much data do I need?

Your data usage is decided by two factors – the number of devices in your home and the type of content that will be consumed. If you have multiple devices, you will need higher data to ensure each device has enough, especially if each device is being used to stream audio or video.

Even if you have fewer devices, but stream a lot of high definition video or music, it would be better to pick a broadband plan with higher data limits.

If you want to get a more detailed breakup of how much data you’ll need per month, check out this handy data calculator from Chorus - https://www.chorus.co.nz/data-calculator#/

Will broadband affect my monitored alarms?

Fibre broadband can be used with monitored alarms, but fibre won't work during a power outage. That means that your alarm may not working if the power fails.

Some alarm models aren't compatible with fibre broadband. Before you install fibre broadband, please check with your alarm supplier or manufacturer, whether you need to upgrade your alarm model.

Monitored alarms are, unfortunately, not compatible with our Wireless Broadband.
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