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Vodafone TV - Video
Freeview HD or SKY Freedom to choose between Freeview HD or SKY
Up to 150 Channels Up to 150 channels, including 36 Vodafone pay-per-view channels
Vodafone TV Recorder Record, pause, rewind with free use of the Vodafone TV Recorder on select plans
(normally $15.00)
HD included HD included at no extra cost
(normally $10.00)


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Vodafone TV user guide

Check out our quick guide to the settings and features for your Vodafone TV set-top box.


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Freeview HD


From $0 per month you’ll get:

  •  29 Freeview|HD channels plus 36 Vodafone pay-per-view movie channels with latest releases
  •  Vodafone TV Digital Recorder*** - pause and rewind high definition TV, record an entire series or watch live shows while recording up to two others at the same time ($0 per month with an Unlimited Broadband plan or $15.00 per month on 80GB plans)
  •  Generous discount on standard installation fee - $100 for a limited time (normally $199), 12 month term applies


From just $49.22 per month you'll get:

  •  SKY Basic HD plus access to 36 channels of pay-per-view Vodafone Movies
  •  Crystal clear HD at no extra charge
  •  New release movies
  •  Vodafone TV Digital Recorder* - pause and rewind high definition (HD) TV, record an entire series or watch live shows while recording up to two others at the same time
  •  FREE standard installation**

*When you choose the SKY option on our new 80GB or above broadband plans (normally costs $14.95 a month)
**Limited time only, normally costs $99
***Normally $15.00 a month when choosing Freeview|HD option on our Unlimited broadband plan
Standard installation costs $100 for a limited time (normally $199).


Important things to know

  • Customers can choose either the Vodafone TV with Freeview|HD or the Vodafone TV with SKY option, not both.
  • SKY GO Rentals, SKY On Demand and SKY Box Office are not available with the Vodafone TV SKY option.
  • Installation offer - applies to standard installations only. An early termination charge of $99 applies if you sign up to Vodafone TV with SKY option and change to the Freeview|HD option before the 12 month term has ended.
  • TV with SKY services are not available on a standalone basis. You must have Vodafone landline and/or broadband services to obtain these services.
  • Vodafone TV Digital Recorder with SKY is not available with our Vodafone TV Digital Recorder with Freeview service.
  • Vodafone TV Digital Recorder with Freeview is not available with Vodafone TV Digital Recorder with SKY service.
  • Channels are subject to change. Residential and Vodafone TV Terms and Conditions apply
  • Available in areas where Vodafone Ultra Fast Broadband is available.

High definition

  • High definition content is included for no extra cost with Vodafone TV on selected broadband plans (excludes broadband plans no longer available to buy).
  • To access high definition content you will need a high definition capable TV, have Freeview|HD, or have subscribed to SKY Basic and the SKY channels that include HD content like SKY Sport, and SKY Movies and SOHO.
  • Pay-per-view movies cost $6.95-$7.95 each.
  • HD Ticket - $9.99 per month (per household) (SKY only). TV One, TV2, TV3 in HD come standard on the Vodafone TV Digital Recorder and do not require the HD ticket in order to receive them.

Vodafone TV Digital Recorder

  • You get the Vodafone TV Digital Recorder to use for $0 per month (normally $15.00) while you remain on the Freeview|HD option with the Unlimited broadband plan, or on the SKY option with the 80GB broadband plan or above. Otherwise there is a charge of $15.00 per month.
  • The Vodafone TV Digital Recorder remains the property of Vodafone and is for the customers use only.
  • A $399 charge may be applied if the TV Digital Recorder is unreturned to Vodafone or damaged beyond reuse.
  • With Vodafone TV you can get a second Vodafone TV Digital Recorder for only $25* per month to receive the same channels you get on your first decoder.

*Standard domestic digital installs only. Additional installation and monthly charges may be applicable if you choose to have an additional decoder.

Installation Charges

  • Additional Vodafone TV Digital Recorder install $149 and $15 per month (maximum of two per home)


Important things to know  

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