Vodafone TV

Choose either SKY or Freeview|HD when you are on our cable network in parts of Kapiti, Wellington and Christchurch or Vodafone fibre areas of Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North and Dunedin. Coming to more fibre areas soon.

Vodafone TV up to 150 Channels. Plus HD for no extra charge.


Freeview HD logo

From $0 per month

  • For 26 Freeview|HD plus access to 36 channels of pay-per-view Vodafone Movies
  • You'll need the Vodafone TV Digital Recorder


SKY logo

From $45 per month

  • For SKY Basic HD plus access to 36 channels of pay-per-view Vodafone Movies
  • Crystal clear HD at no extra charge
  • You'll need the Vodafone TV Digital Recorder

Vodafone TV Digital Recorder

Pause and rewind high definition TV, record an entire series or watch live shows while recording up to two others at the same time.

$0 per month

(Normally $14.95 a month) when choosing Freeview | HD option on our new 250GB broadband plan

Standard installation fee

$100 for a limited time (normally $199). 12 month term applies.

Vodafone TV Digital Recorder

Pause and rewind high definition TV, record an entire series or watch live shows while recording up to two others at the same time.

$0 per month

(Normally $14.95 a month) when choosing SKY option on our new 80GB or above broadband plans

Standard installation fee

$0 for a limited time (normally $99). 12 month term applies.


  • A 12-month term and $199 early termination charge applies.
  • The Vodafone TV Digital Recorder remains the property of Vodafone and is for the customers use only.
  • A $399 charge may be applied if the TV Digital Recorder is unreturned to Vodafone or damaged beyond reuse.
  • Customers can choose either the Vodafone TV with Freeview|HD or the Vodafone TV with SKY option, not both.
  • Installation offer - applies to standard installations only. An early termination charge of $99 applies if you sign up to Vodafone TV with SKY option and change to the Freeview|HD option before the 12th month term has ended.
  • You get the Vodafone TV Digital Recorder to use for $0 per month (normally $14.95) while you remain on the Freeview|HD option with the new 250GB broadband plan, or on the SKY option with the new 80GB broadband plan or above.
  • iSKY Rentals, SKY On Demand and SKY Box Office are not available with the Vodafone TV SKY option.

High definition - high definition content is included for no extra cost with Vodafone TV on selected broadband plans (excludes broadband plans no longer available to buy). To access high definition content you will need a high definition capable TV, have Freeview|HD, or have subscribed to SKY Basic and the SKY channels that include HD content like SKY Sport, and SKY Movies and SOHO. Pay-per-view movies cost $6.95-$7.95 each.

Important things to know 

How to purchase

Already with Vodafone cable broadband?

Choose which Vodafone TV services you want, give us a call and we’ll add them to your account.

Note: you may need to move to a new cable broadband plan to get all the benefits listed on this page.

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New to Vodafone cable broadband?

To get Vodafone TV  you need to sign up to Vodafone broadband first.

Choose Standard Broadband or Ultra Fast Broadband

Or call us on

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New to Vodafone fibre broadband?

Vodafone TV is now available in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North and Dunedin Vodafone fibre areas. Coming to more fibre areas soon.

When signing up to fibre broadband let us know you’re interested in Vodafone TV. Then we’ll contact you when it’s available at your address.

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Channel listings & numbers for the Vodafone TV services.

TV Guide ›

See a list of what TV shows are on when and on what channel.

Vodafone Movies ›

Watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters from $6.95 for SD and $7.95 for HD.


Vodafone TV installation & decoder options

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Primary decoder Description Cost
Vodafone TV Digital Recorder Watch what you want, when you want. With a Vodafone TV Digital Recorder - pause and rewind live TV, record every episode of your favourite shows, and store programmes until you're ready to watch them. Monthly payment - $15 per month, Free on selected plans.
Additional Vodafone TV Digital Recorder You are able to have a second Vodafone TV Digital Recorder

With Vodafone TV you can get a second Vodafone TV Digital Recorder for only $25* per month to receive the same channels you get on your first decoder.

Vodafone TV with Freeview|HD Get a range of Freeview channels plus additional channels like Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, Sommet Sports, TV5 Monde Pacifique and access to 36 pay-per-view channels with new release movies includes 9 channels in HD. Installation fee: $100 (limited time only) Normally $199. 12 month term applies.
Vodafone TV with SKY Get all the SKY Basic channels plus a few extra channels for your viewing pleasure. In addition you also have access to 36 pay-per-view channels with new release movies and 9 channels in HD.

Installation fee $0 for a limited time only. Normally $99. 12 month term applies.


*Standard domestic digital installs only. Additional installation and monthly charges may be applicable if you choose to have an additional decoder.


SKY Basic

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SKY Basic Package - $45.00 per month.

You receive all the channels below for one low cost, so the whole family has viewing options that suit their needs.

TV One
ONE Plus 1
2 Plus 1
3 Plus 1
9 HD PPV movie channels
27 SD PPV movie channels
Animal Planet
BBC Knowledge
BBC World News
Calvary Chapel Radio
Canterbury TV
Cartoon Network
Choice TV
Comedy Central
Crime & Investigation Network
Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
Disney Junior
The Edge
FACE Television
FM 104.2
Food TV
Fox News
The History Channel
Juice TV
The Living Channel
Maori Television
MTV Hits
MTV Classic
National Geographic
New Supremo Chinese Radio
Nick Jr.
Parliament TV
Radio New Zealand Concert
Radio New Zealand National
Real Good Life Chinese Radio
Shine TV
Sneak Peek
Tahu FM
Te Reo
Travel Channel
TVNZ Heartland
TVNZ kidzone24
Weather Channel
The Guide & SKYWATCH magazine



SKY Premium

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With Vodafone TV and SKY Premium you will always have the best of premium entertainment available to add to SKY Premium for as long as you need it. The whole family has options - from the best in movie channels, sport from New Zealand, Australia and overseas, quality drama, festival movies, arts and ethnic channels.

All prices below are per month.

Premium channel tier

Price per month


SKY Sport $26.66 SKY Sport 1, SKY Sport 2, SKY Sport 3, SKY Sport 4, ESPN
Rugby Channel $9.15 For all those serious rugby fans get all the rugby you will ever need with the Rugby Channel
SKY Movies $22.05 SKY Movies, SKY Movies 2, SKY Movies Greats, TCM, MGM
Rialto Channel $10.17 Rialto Channel is the definitive source of independent films, documentaries and entertainment.
SoHo $9.99 The very best in premium scripted entertainment from HBO and other like-minded networks from around the globe, airing uncut and uninterrupted. SoHo will feature an outstanding content line up including, Game of Thrones, The Killing, The Hour, Treme and Boardwalk Empire. It will also feature popular TV series such as Rescue Me, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Dexter and The Sopranos.
Arts Channel $12.21 New Zealand's only channel dedicated to showcasing the worlds greatest artists in music, dance, arts, theatre, film, literature and design.
COUNTRY TV $16.88 Dedicated to farming news, information and lifestyle for New Zealand's rural community.
MindGames $6.08 Mind stretching puzzles, daily trick trivia, word games and against the clock challenges.
Playin'TV $6.08 A unique interactive family games channel with a fantastic range from sports, action, cards, puzzles and board games.
SKY Digital Music $2.09 Choose from 14 high quality audio channels - Classical, Jazz, Rock n Roll, House, and more!
Star Plus Hindi $10.21 India's number one Cable Channel. Star Plus features a wide range of dramas, game shows, Hindi films and kids programmes.
WTV $54.28 A selection of Japanese, Korean and Chinese channels featuring world news and current affairs, sport, documentaries, dramas, music chart shows and kids programmes. 10 Channels.



Freeview channels

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Maori Television
TV ONE plus 1
TV3 Plus 1
Choice TV
Sommet Sports
Al Jazeera
Shopping Channel
TVSN Shopping
Parliament TV
Canterbury TV (Christchurch only)
Bloomberg TV (Only with Vodafone)
TV5 Monde Pacifique (Only with Vodafone)
France 24 (Only with Vodafone)
RNZ National
RNZ Concert
The Cheese (Only with Vodafone)
Sneak Peek HD (Only with Vodafone)
Vodafone Movies 1 HD
Vodafone Movies 2 HD
Vodafone Movies 3 HD
Vodafone Movies 4 HD
Vodafone Movies 5 HD
Vodafone Movies 6 HD
Vodafone Movies 7 HD
Vodafone Movies 8 HD
Vodafone Movies 9 HD
Vodafone Movies 10 HD
Vodafone Movies 11 HD
Vodafone Movies 12 HD
Vodafone Movies 13 HD
Vodafone Movies 14 HD
Vodafone Movies 15 HD
Vodafone Movies 16 HD
Vodafone Movies 17 HD
Vodafone Movies 18 HD
Vodafone Movies 19 HD
Vodafone Movies 20 HD
Vodafone Movies 21 HD
Vodafone Movies 22 HD
Vodafone Movies 23 HD
Vodafone Movies 24 HD
Vodafone Movies 25 HD
Vodafone Movies 26 HD
Vodafone Movies 27 HD
Vodafone Movies 28 HD
Vodafone Movies 29 HD
Vodafone Movies 30 HD
Vodafone Movies 31 HD
Vodafone Movies 32 HD
Vodafone Movies 33 HD
Vodafone Movies 34 HD
Vodafone Movies 35 HD
Vodafone Movies 36 HD