Always connected with Vodafone

We know you love to be online, especially at home. That’s why if you have your home broadband with Vodafone and one of our latest mobile plans, we’re making sure you and your family stay connected

Always Connected video

If your home broadband stops working and we can’t fix it straight away, we’ll use NZ’s leading mobile network to give you enough mobile data so everyone in your house stays connected while we get it sorted. We call it our ‘Always Connected’ promise.

The data can be applied for up to four eligible Vodafone consumer mobiles in your household. And, by setting up Wi-Fi hotspots from these mobiles, you can instantly connect all other devices in your home.

Got questions? Check out our Always Connected FAQs.


The Always Connected data is only available for seven days from the date you sign up. It will expire either once you have used up the data allowance, or at the end of the seven days.
Always Connected data is for use in New Zealand only.
Always Connected data is in addition to your base plan data and will be used before your normal plan data allowance.
See full terms for Always Connected offer.


Reliable Connection

Enjoy a more reliable connection that has fewer call drop outs than any other network*

Best in Test

Vodafone’s network named ‘Best in Test’ for voice and data in NZ

Vodafone’s mobile phone network has been named ‘Best in Test’ by the international leader in mobile performance testing, P3 Communications.

When assessing Vodafone’s network, the analysts experienced the least number of dropped calls, the best call clarity and the fastest call set up times compared to Spark and 2degrees. By a clear margin, Vodafone achieved the highest scores in both voice and data services, earning the coveted ‘Best in Test’ certificate. Vodafone’s network also delivered the fastest download speeds - achieving an average download speed of 45Mbps compared to 21Mbps from its closest competitor.

  • Least number of dropped calls
  • Best call clarity
  • Fastest call set up times
  • Fastest download speeds

*According to P3 independent test results April 2016. See



Network timeline

We've invested well over a billion dollars into mobile network upgrades and maintenance. Recently we've implemented dual carrier 3G, participated in the Rural Broadband initiative and the introduction 4G.


2G arrives

Built to handle mobile calls and TXTs.


3G arrives

Mobile calls, internet access, video calls in more than 97% of where Kiwis live, work and play.


DC arrives

Doubling speeds that data can be sent and received in nearly all urban centres.


4G and HD Voice is live

We launched 4G, the world's best and fastest mobile technology with HD Voice crystal clear calling.