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Baby's digital footprint

Is your baby Facebook Famous? Is that really a good thing?

We’ve all been there – swearing we’d never turn into one of those parents who always post pics of their babies on Facebook. But from the moment you held your bundle of joy, the photos haven’t stopped because you’re just so proud! But “likes” on Facebook come at the cost of your child’s privacy not just now, but for the rest of their lives.

Even a baby picture can be a big deal online

Sure, right now it might seem harmless. But think of it this way - you wouldn’t like a stranger walking up to your kid in the park and asking them for their name and where they live, right? But by sharing basic details like their gender, age and name, you’re potentially allowing strangers to do exactly that because they now know more about your kids than they should and without your permission.

Information shared today can be manipulated years later

You’ve probably already seen how kids now live their lives online. In this digital world, their biggest concern will be security of their private data.  Now imagine if a hacker wanted to dredge up some information about them years from now. How many of your child’s future security questions (first pet, mother’s maiden name etc.) are already available?

Handy tips to remember while posting your kids’ pictures

  • Be respectful: Naked baby pictures are cute to parents, but once online they live forever. Ask yourself, is this a picture your child might regret seeing online years later?
  • Share privately: We recommend using Facebook Messenger instead of sharing pics on your wall. You already know your baby is adorable, you don’t need “likes” to tell you that.
  • Turn location services off: Where you travel is also valuable information which can be harvested for malicious purposes. We recommend you don’t share this info.
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