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Help fight COVID-19 and cancer while you sleep.

Why Vodafone Vodafone DreamLab

What is DreamLab?

DreamLab is an app that combines the processing power of smartphones to create a virtual supercomputer that can be used to accelerate scientific research.

Launched in New Zealand in 2018, DreamLab was originally used to aid cancer researchers. And with the help of thousands of users, has already helped to make significant breakthroughs in our understanding of this disease.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new project has been created in the app to help fight coronavirus. Researchers at theImperial College of London are now able to use the DreamLab to better understand the coronavirus and how to combat it.

To use DreamLab, simply download DreamLab from the App or Play store, put your phone on charge and activate the app at bedtime.

If you’re a Vodafone mobile customer you won’t be charged for mobile data used by DreamLab.

Vodafone Foundation DreamLab

Download the app

Vodafone DreamLab is available for Apple and Android users.
Vodafone Foundation: How Vodafone DreamLab works

Vodafone Foundation: How Vodafone DreamLab works

Our smartphones today use processors powerful enough to run 3D games, augmented reality and loads of other high-powered features.

Vodafone DreamLab harnesses this processing power, creates a virtual super computer and uses it to crunch complex cancer research calculations.

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