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Pocket WiFi

A Vodafone Pocket WiFi creates a personal portable Wi-Fi network you can share with others or multiple devces of your own.
So you can share your secure mobile broadband internet connection with Wi-Fi-enabled devices - computers, Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Android smartphones and tablets, or mobile gaming devices like Nintendo DSi.

Set up your Pocket WiFi

New Pocket WiFi?  Try our easy-to-use interactive Device Guides

Share your mobile broadband connection with a Pocket WiFi
Connect your tablet with a mobile broadband SIM card

Connected tablets

Already got your tablet and just need a data connection? Setting up your tablet on Vodafone Mobile Broadband is quick and easy.

Wherever there's a 3G or 4G mobile signal, you can get online with your tablet so you can work or play wherever you need to be.

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Manage your mobile broadband account

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For all mobile broadband devices - tablets using SIM cards, Pocket WiFi and Vodems - we recommend using My Vodafone to check your usage and account balance.

We also supply Vodafone Mobile Broadband (VMB) software with your device so you can quickly check on data use, send and receive TXTs and more.

How to check your data use

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There are heaps of easy ways to Top Up your Prepay or pay your mobile broadband bill – making life a little bit easier and paying your bill on time as hassle free as possible.

How to Top Up or Pay


Prepay Mobile Broadband Boosts

Great value boosts that are always available

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Grab a Data Boost to get you through until your plan renews at the end of the month

Data Boost 30 days
2GB for $45 5GB for $75 10GB for $140


Grab a Data Boost today

If you’re on a Prepay plan that is enabled for 4G, any other Data Boosts you purchase will also work at 4G speeds provided you are in a coverage area and have a capable device.

Prepay Data Terms apply.


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