Mobile recycling

We're part of a government accredited scheme, RE:MOBILE, which accepts any make and model of mobile phone regardless of condition as well as accessories like batteries and chargers

Trade in your mobile

What to do with your old mobile? Trade it in for a new one. We recycle all the traded-in mobiles.

  • Trade-in your mobile online to get an online credit voucher.
  • Have you previously made a purchase from our online shop? You have the added option of being paid by cheque or via Paypal.
  • Trade-in your mobile at one of our participating stores to get an in-store credit voucher to the value of your mobile.
Trade-in your mobile

Recycle your mobile phone

Want to recycle your old mobile phone but don't know how? Just drop it off to any Vodafone store, or anywhere you see the RE:MOBILE logo, or post it to us and we’ll take care of it.

Vodafone Mobile Phone Recycling Appeal
  • Private Bag 208013
  • Highbrook
  • Auckland 2161
  • Freepost 223107

What happens to the recycled phones?

We're part of RE:MOBILE, an industry-wide mobile phone recycling programme.

In 2014, RE:MOBILE was accredited by the Ministry for the Environment which means it had to meet high environmental standards.

Through RE:MOBILE, mobile phones that are in working order are refurbished and exported to places such as Hong Kong, China or Eastern Europe.

Mobiles that can’t be repaired are broken down, and the components are recycled with a better than 95% recovery rate.

A percentage of the profits generated by RE:MOBILE is donated to Sustainable Coastlines – a multi award winning New Zealand charity working hard to look after the waterways and coastlines we love.

Find out more about RE:MOBILE.

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