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Why upgrade to voice calling over broadband?

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Keep your business future-ready
Voice calling over broadband is fast becoming the norm for landline calling across New Zealand. Making the switch today keeps your business future ready.

Also, with older landline networks, including the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) currently being phased out, you’ll need to upgrade to a new solution in order to retain your existing landline number.
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Offers great value business plans
Our highly competitive plans such as Office Net combine calling and broadband in a single plan andlet you add calling features.

Or upgrade to Vodafone One Business to combine your team’s landline, mobile and desktops into a single call management and collaboration system; so your team can work together from anywhere.
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Upgrade your business broadband
If fibre is available in your area, and you're not already using it, we can upgrad your business broadband to fibre when it moves to voice calling over broadband.

Or if you're currently using ADSL and want faster data speeds, we can look at an upgrade to VDSL, which provides up to 3x faster data speeds than average ADSL speeds. (VDSL not available everywhere)


Do I need to change my phone's handset?
If you only have one phone and it's capable of making voice calls using broadband, you won't need a new phone. It'll work just fine.

Is my phone capable of making voice calls over broadband?
You will need to check your phone's user manual to see if it is capable of making voice calls over broadband. Alternatively, you could search online for your phone's make and model number to see if it is capable.

What if I have multiple handsets?
If you have integrated wiring, you can plug your phones into your wall phone jack.If you don't have integrated wiring you will need to plug your base unit into the back of your Vodafone modem. Remember to check that your phone is capable of making voice calls over broadband first.

What is integrated wiring?
When some houses had fibre, or UltraFast HFC installed, integrated wiring was also added. This means your existing wall phone jacks link to your Fibre or UltraFast HFC connection. We are unable to offer integrated wiring for our ADSL or VDSL customers, and we recommend talking to your local electrician.

How do I know if I have integrated wiring?
Once your modem is set-up, connected to the internet and you have switched to voice calling over broadband, plug your phone into the wall phone jack. If you hear a dial tone, you have integrated wiring.

Do I have integrated wiring if I'm not on Fibre or UltraFast HFC?
No, we are unable to offer integrated wiring for our ADSL or VDSL customers at this time. We recommend talking to your local electrician.

Will my phone line work when there's a power cut?
No, during a power cut, your broadband service won't work, so neither will your phone line. This includes all calls, even emergency calls to 111. We recommend you always have a charged back-up mobile phone ready to use in case of an emergency.

Do I need to change systems such as monitored alarms?
Most systems such as monitored medical, security or other alarms, fax machines, EFTPOS terminals and loud external ringers should work over broadband. However, we recommend checking with your alarm provider to confirm this.

Will my fax machine work with voice calling over broadband?
Most fax machines will work using voice over broadband. However this depends on the make, model and age of the fax machine. We recommend checking the fax machine’s manual to see if it will work over broadband. You may also want to consider using a cloud based fax solution e.g. fax to email services instead of your fax machine. Providers such as TNZ offer this alternative.

Will voice calling work with EFTPOS machine?
The majority of EFTPOS terminals should work over broadband rather than using a dial up phone line. However, we recommend you have a discussion with your EFTPOS terminal provider to confirm this before you upgrade.

What call features are available?
The following call features are all available with voice calling over broadband: Voicemail, Phone Divert, BestMates for home phone, Caller ID, Call Control and Call Waiting. You may need to set them up again once your voice calling over broadband services are activated – you'll find the guides on how to use the features here. Or if you'd like to add any of these services, please call us on 0800 891 740.

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