Landline & Broadband Bundles

Get what you need for your business with one of these bundles

Office Net Unlimited

Unlimited NZ calls and broadband

Our ultimate business package is here.

Unlimited standard NZ calls from your landline, and unlimited broadband data for your business.

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Office Net Unlimited+

Office Net Unlimited+

Get unlimited standard NZ calls and unlimited broadband data over ADSL or VDSL with Office Net Unlimited+.

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plan image Integrated TalkZone

Integrated TalkZone

For just $10 per line each month you can make unlimited calls between your Small Office landlines anywhere in the country. You’ll also get unlimited calling from those landlines to any company mobile. Get yourself Integrated TalkZone and discover collaboration without limits.

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Cloud and Hosting solutions

The cloud offers businesses great potential to improve services, work more flexibly and manage the costs of IT. We can deliver the scalable IT services you need when you need them - so your teams can focus on driving growth.  

Vodafone is a global Cloud & Hosting provider and with partnerships with leading cloud providers Microsoft and HP can provide comprehensive cloud solutions for your business.

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