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For TV you’ll always want to watch, add SKY to your Vodafone standard ADSL broadband bill


SKY with Vodafone broadband

SKY with us

You’ll get more choice, more quality programming, your favourite sports, movies, documentaries or lifestyle shows.

Get your own personal digital recorder with MY SKY HDi or MY SKY+ so you can watch what you want, whenever you want.

Lots of other great services such as Multiroom and Box Office Movies are also available.

PLUS: No joining fee applies to SKY standard domestic install for new to SKY customers only. $99 fee applies for existing customers upgrading to MYSKY HDi.

SKY with Vodafone discounts

If you're on one of our selected fixed broadband plans you could get one of these three great SKY with Vodafone discount offers.


Manage your SKY TV account


SKY TV on your device

The SKY TV NZ App brings SKY TV to your device and allows you to book a Pay-per-view or SKY ARENA Event, use the remote record feature and view programming. The SKY TV NZ app can be used on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphone or Android tablet. Get SKY TV at your fingertips. Download the app for your iPhone or iPad from the Apple store or the Google play store for your android device. 

SKY TV My Account

You can use  SKY TV's My Account tool to add channels, book SKY Box Office movies and manage your My SKY recordings.




Already with Vodafone?

Choose which SKY services you'd like, then simply sign into My Vodafone (Internet and landline), and choose SKY with Vodafone from the lefthand menu.


  • Pay just one bill for both services
  • Half price SKY Sports every month, OR MY SKY HDi $0 per month on selected broadband plans (normally $15) OR MY SKY+ for $5 per month on selected broadband plans.

Sign in to My Vodafone

New to Vodafone?

To get SKY with Vodafone you need to sign up to Vodafone Broadband first. When signing up, enter the SKY services you would like and we'll do the rest.

Great broadband and TV

  • Pay just one bill for both services
  • Half price SKY Sports every month, OR MY SKY HDi $0 per month on selected broadband plans (normally $15) OR MY SKY+ for $5 per month on selected broadband plans
  • Standard joining fee: $0 for a limited time (normally $99). 12 month term applies. Standard domestic installs and MY SKY upgrades only.

Choose your broadband pack

To get SKY billed through Vodafone, you need to have to have a Red Home phone or broadband plan with us.

No joining fee applies to New to SKY installs and to upgrades from SKY Digital to MY SKY HDi and does not apply to upgrades from MY SKY HDi to MY SKY+. 12 month term applies. Minimum SKY package required is SKY Basic which costs $48.07 per month. No joining fee limited to one install or upgrade per customer during promotional period. Charges for other SKY products and services still apply.

If you are transferring your existing SKY services to Vodafone:

  • The names on your SKY account and Vodafone account need to be the same in order to transfer your SKY services to Vodafone
  • Your SKY service must be at the same address as your Vodafone fixed line services
  • If you have signed up for any promotional or special deal with SKY, or another provider, these discounts on your SKY services will not be carried over when you move your SKY services to Vodafone
  • In some cases if you are upgrading an existing decoder to MY SKY+ the joining fee may be $149 depending on your current set up.

You are only able to have one SKY service per Vodafone fixed line account, e.g. if you wish to have two SKY accounts through Vodafone (one at your home and one at your Holiday house) you will need to have two separate Vodafone fixed line accounts.

If you are a new SKY customer a 12 month minimum term applies. Early termination charges will apply if you close your SKY services within this term, these will depend on the services you have and the remaining term on your contract. An additional installation fee may apply if you opt to take multiroom.

Early Termination Charges

The table below shows the ETC’s that will be charged, depending on the type of customer and months remaining of the minimum term.

Months Remaining of the Minimum Term that Applies to the Customer Early Termination Fee for a MYSKY HDi and MYSKY + Customer Early Termination Fee for a non MYSKY HDi Customer (e.g. SKY Digital)
  Exc GST Inc GST Exc GST Inc GST
12 $326.96 $376.00 $248.70 $286.00
11 $326.96 $376.00 $248.70 $286.00
10 $326.96 $376.00 $248.70 $286.00
9 $326.96 $376.00 $248.70 $286.00
8 $326.96 $376.00 $248.70 $286.00
7 $326.96 $376.00 $248.70 $286.00
6 $326.96 $376.00 $248.70 $286.00
5 $272.17 $313.00 $206.96 $238.00
4 $218.26 $251.00 $166.09 $191.00
3 $163.48 $188.00 $124.35 $143.00
2 $108.70 $125.00 $82.61 $95.00
1 $54.78 $63.00 $41.72 $48.00
0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

If you live in an Apartment you are unable to have your SKY services billed through Vodafone, you will need to go through your Body Corporate to get SKY.

If you are renting, you will need a signed permission letter from your landlord to have a SKY satellite installed.

Vodafone can only provide SKY for private customers, public & commercial installations are unavailable.

Standard SKY with Vodafone Terms and Conditions apply. If you have also opted to take the MY SKY HDi or MY SKY+ discount offer or the Half price SKY Sports offer additional terms apply.

Important things to know 

More great SKY options

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SKY with Vodafone discounts ›

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If you have a selected Vodafone fixed broadband plan and SKY with Vodafone you could get one of three great SKY with Vodafone discounts

More SKY ›

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There are loads of things you can do to make sure you're making the most of SKY with Vodafone. Find out the great things you can do and how easy it is.

Add SKY to your Vodafone bill ›

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Add your SKY bill to your Vodafone bill and get one bill for all your home phone, broadband and SKY charges.


SKY installation and decoder options

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SKY product Decoder option Cost
Sky Standard Digital Your standard SKY Digital decoder that allows you to watch your choice of quality programming and entertainment in real time with SKY. No joining fee on a 12 month contract (normally $99)
MY SKY HDi Watch what you want, when you want. With a MY SKY HDi decoder - pause and rewind live TV, record every episode of your favourite shows, and store programmes until you're ready to watch them. Monthly payment - $15 per month,one-off joining fee may apply, usually $99.
12 month term applies for new to SKY customers

All the features of a standard MY SKY HDi decoder but with four times as much capacity for all the shows and movies you like to record.

Note: MY SKY+ is intended for time shifting your viewing and not for permanent storage. Programme suppliers may require SKY to set a retention limit on some recorded content.

Monthly payment - $20 per month,one-off joining fee may apply, usually $99.
12 month term applies for new to SKY customers



What channels are available?

SKY Basic

SKY Basic Package - $48.07 per month

You receive all the channels below for one low cost, so the whole family has viewing options that suit their needs.

Preview TVNZ27 The Guide
Plus access to SKY Box Office


SKY Premium

Once you have SKY Basic, you can add any of the following premium packages or channels. All prices are per month.

SKY Sport $26.68 SKY Sport 1, SKY Sport 2, SKY Sport 3, SKY Sport 4, ESPN, ESPN 2
Platinum Sport $35.49

SKY Sport 1, SKY Sport 2, SKY Sport 3, SKY Sport 4, ESPN, ESPN 2, Rugby Channel

Monthly price of Platinum Sport includes Rugby Channel which costs $8.81 per month.

SKY Movies $20.93 SKY Movies, SKY Movies 2, SKY Movies Greats, TCM, MGM
Rialto Channel $11.18 Rialto Channel is the definitive source of independent films, documentaries and entertainment.
SoHo $9.99 The very best in premium scripted entertainment from HBO and other like-minded networks from around the globe, airing uncut and uninterrupted. SoHo will feature an outstanding content line up including, Game of Thrones, The Killing, The Hour, Treme and Boardwalk Empire. It will also feature popular TV series such as Rescue Me, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Dexter and The Sopranos.
SKY Arts Channel $13.05 New Zealand's only channel dedicated to showcasing the worlds greatest artists in music, dance, arts, theatre, film, literature and design.
COUNTRY TV $16.68 Dedicated to farming news, information and lifestyle for New Zealand's rural community.
SKY Digital Music $3.16 Choose from 14 high quality audio channels - Classical, Jazz, Rock n Roll, House, and more!
Star Plus Hindi $10.21 India's number one Cable Channel. Star Plus features a wide range of dramas, game shows, Hindi films and kids programmes.
WTV $56.62 A selection of Japanese, Korean and Chinese channels featuring world news and current affairs, sport, documentaries, dramas, music chart shows and kids programmes. 10 Channels.


Additional services from SKY

SKY Box Office Pay Per View movies and events      The price depends on the pay per view chosen.
SKY Multiroom $25.00 per month With SKY Multiroom you can get a second digital decoder installed in another room in your home (e.g. a bedroom or second lounge). Installation costs $0* then pay only $25* per month to receive the same channels you get on your first decoder.

*Standard domestic digital installs only. Additional installation and monthly charges are applicable if you choose to have MY SKY as your Multiroom decoder.
SKY Sport The Magazine $5.00 per month SKY Sport The Magazine compliments the SKY Sport channels, able to go places the TV cameras can't and tell stories the TV Programmes don't.