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Ready to do your part?

Ready to do your part to make Global Goals happen?

GlobalGoals needs the world to participate. Which means getting the world to take notice. Richard Curtis intends to create a mobile show to tell 7 billion people in 7 days about them from the 26th Sep - 2nd Oct.

The more famous these global goals become, and the more widely they get understood, the more politicians will take them seriously. This will lead to them being financed properly, refer to them frequently and make them work for everyone on the planet.

5th Annual Global Citizen Festival

Become a Global Citizen and rock Global Goals into reality

Global Citizen is a community of people like you forming a safe space to learn about and take action on the world’s biggest issues. Global Citizen is also committed to making #GlobalGoals a reality and is throwing down a massive mobile concert featuring some of the biggest names in music right now including Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Martin and Ellie Goulding among others. All as a means of drawing awareness towards the #GlobalGoals.

The concert will be broadcast here from 8am to 2pm on Sunday 25th of September.


See how Vodafone Foundation is championing Global Goals

Vodafone Foundation

Aligning with our purpose to connect everybody to live a better today and build a better tomorrow, Vodafone is all set to drive Global Goals for Sustainable Development around the world.

Through the Vodafone Foundation, we will help raise awareness by rolling out infrastructure to empowering women, managing our energy use and supporting young people with education, skills and development.