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Don’t let geography stand in your way

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Vodafone Video Conferencing builds business by making it easy for your employees and clients to collaborate, share ideas and make decisions on the spot. It’s a cost effective productivity tool that brings people face-to-face without burning up precious time and travel budget.


  •  Reduces travel, which saves time, cuts costs and shrinks everyone’s carbon footprint
  •  Increases productivity, supports collaboration and improves decision-making
  •  Single monthly fee covers hardware, bridging and support
  •  Saves the capital expense of buying your own equipment

How it works

You can use Vodafone Video Conferencing for internal meetings or, with Vodafone Bridging Beyond, you can video conference with customers and suppliers anywhere in New Zealand, regardless of the platform they have in place.


Why choose Vodafone for your video conferencing solution

  • We can offer you a high definition meeting room video package or create a customised solution to meet your needs
  • Installation is fast and easy, with full training provided
  • You can arrange a demonstration before you decide


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