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Bring your own device

Is back-to-school shopping getting a bit hi-tech?

Size-specific binders, subject-specific notebooks, #2 pencils (Because, you know, it just had to be a #2). These pedantic details used to be the stuff of nightmares for our parents when we were growing up. But as parents today, we wish this was all we had to deal with. These days it’s all about laptops, flash drives, tablets, apps, device contracts isn’t it. But don’t worry. If just reading this list is giving you anxiety, we have some tips to help you out.

Back-to-school in 6 easy steps

  1. Talk to their teacher: Your child’s teacher is your best point of contact to learn about which devices are recommended by the school and how they intend to be used in teaching.
  2. Ask the experts: Using the school’s recommendation as a start, window shop across at least one or two leading retailers and talk to their in-store experts. They will help you compare devices and make a more informed purchase.
  3. Discuss device ownership: Your kids need to know that a digital device is not a toy. They need to understand the rules around using it both at school and at home and learn to take care of it at all time.
  4. Protect your investment: For a bit more money, we recommend investing in anti-virus software for all digital devices. Being in near-constant connection with the internet, these devices are significantly more exposed to potential virus attacks.
  5. Keep the device secure: Passwords are a big deal for your kids’ digital devices given the use in high-traffic environments around school. Ensure you know all their passwords and make it clear they cannot change the password without telling you.
  6. Prepare for BYODH (Bring Your Own Device Home): Having a computer or tablet for school means bringing it home for homework. We recommend discussing screen time on these devices at home, and make sure homework usage takes priority over any other use of the device.
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