VDSL is very fast broadband

On average, VDSL has a 3x faster download speed than standard ADSL broadband. So, with VDSL you can ...

  • Send larger files, faster and to more people. And enable rich cloud apps to operate more efficiently
  • Be more responsive with faster download and upload speeds
  • Work without borders and host a real-time video conference with clients anywhere
  • Manage cashflow better with bigger data packs, so you don’t go over your monthly allowance
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How it works

  • Your download speed can be boosted to between 15-70 Mbps and your upload speeds to between 5-10Mbps.
  • VDSL is available to 60% of New Zealand businesses.
  • The actual speed you experience will be determined by the distance your business is locate from the Exchange. A manual pre-qualification may be required to determine if your business is able to get VDSL.
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Products available on VDSL

These VDSL packages are available for your business:

Before the installation

To ensure a successful installation the existing wiring in your business premises needs to meet minimum requirements:

  • Copper Pair external wiring must be available and compatible. The install technician will check this on arrival and advise the customer of options available, which could include trenching to the customer premise.  The cost of trenching will need to be covered by the customer.   
  • Internal wiring must be available and compatible. The minimum standard for this is Cat 5 E. The customers building Manager or IT vendor is likely to know what wiring is used. Cat 5 E is reasonably common in business premises.
  • There must be available capacity at your local exchange. The install technician will check this at the time of installation.
  • Your IT technician should be on site during time of installation.

Download the HG659 Modem manual to check specifications - PDF

Additional information

Broadband speeds will vary based on the following factors:

  • NZ and overseas networks
  • Distance from your local exchange/cabinet
  • Your modem and computer technology including Wi-Fi capability
  • Internal home/office wiring
  • Other environmental factors
  • How many other people are using it at the time
Important things to know