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From 24th July 2019 onwards you will no longer see a Telecommunication Levy Contribution on your bill. Your total bill amount will stay the same. This is because we have removed the Telecommunication Levy Contribution charge of 99c (85c excl GST for Business) and increased the monthly price of your plan by the same amount. You will see this on your bill as a ‘Price Adjustment’.

Vodafone is still required to pay the Telecommunication Development Levy and the Telecommunications Regulatory Levy, but we are no longer subsidising this via a levy.

When will this come into effect?

From 24th July 2019.

Find out more information about the price adjustment.

Price adjustment FAQs

What is the price adjustment?

From 24 July 2019 you’ll see a price adjustment line on your bill. The Telco Levy Contribution charge has been removed and the price of your plan has increased by the same amount. Your total bill amount will stay the same.

Is this a one-off charge?

No, this is an ongoing charge you will see on your bill each month.

Why have you increased my plan price?

Your plan price has increased, but the overall amount you pay Vodafone has not changed because we have stopped charging the separate Telco Levy Contribution.

The price adjustment is applied to which products?

  • On Account mobile plans
  • Home Phone Wireless
  • Rural Wireless Broadband
  • Home phone and broadband plans
The following products are excluded:

  • Vodafone TV
  • SKY TV
  • Prepay
Business mobile and broadband products also incur the price adjustment, depending on the agreement you have with us.

What is the Telco Levy Contribution?

The Government charges telecommunications providers a levy (Telecommunications Development Levy) which is spread across operators in the telecommunications industry.

Vodafone introduced a Telco Levy Contribution across pay monthly mobile and broadband plans in December 2015.

For more information on the Telco Levy Contribution see

Is Vodafone no longer charging a Telco Levy Contribution?

Yes, that’s correct. Vodafone will charge a Telecommunication Levy Contribution up to 23 July 2019 and the levy will no longer apply from 24 July 2019. You will no longer see the levy on your bill from this date.

Has my plan price increased?

Has my plan price increased?
Yes your plan price has increased, but the overall amount you pay Vodafone has not changed. This is because we've removed the Telco Levy Contribution charge.

Do I need to change my automatic payments?

No, don’t worry you don’t need to make any changes because your total billed amount remains the same.

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