Time to redeem SuperWifi on an eligible broadband plan

WiFi mesh on us. Easy self set-up and expert support, backed by our wall-to-wall WiFi guarantee.

Or get $100 credit. Learn more about our guarantee.

Simple online redemption

Woman smiling while Video calling on her mac
Woman smiling while Video calling on her mac

Redeem once your broadband is up and running

You can only redeem SuperWifi on eligible broadband plans once per billing account. Make sure you wait until you're connected to Vodafone broadband and your account payments are up to date. Call on 0800 222 664, if you need help getting started.

Redeem now
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All you need is your broadband account number (found on your bill) and your 4 digit security PIN (created when you joined us). Select redeem and create a Vodafone ID or sign-in if you've already got one. Go You!

Please ensure that your broadband service is added to your My Vodafone account before you redeem. If you haven’t done this yet, find out how to add your broadband service to your My Vodafone account.

Redeem now
Need help? Chat now about SuperWifi - Live chat

Easy app driven set-up

Image of a mobile phone with the Deco App open on the screen
You'll need to download the Deco App to your smart phone and create a TP-link account before you can get started. The app gives you access to powerful parental controls, Antivirus protection and awesome device / application tools.
SuperWifi Set up
Need help? Call our team on 0800 222 664

Wall to wall Wifi. Guaranteed

Image of TP-Link Deco X20 units
Two TP-Link Deco X20 Wifi-6 units delivering wall to wall Wifi in the home.
Learn more

Terms and conditions

SuperWifi Offer: Sign up to Unlimited Broadband, or Wireless Broadband 600GB 12 month term plan, to redeem your SuperWifi units.

Wall-to-wall Wifi guaranteed or get $100 broadband credit within 90 days of redemption.
Guarantee and $100 credit only available to residential customers.
Fees apply if you cancel or transfer your plan or billing account within 24 months.
TP-link Deco App required. Coverage can be impacted by factors such as network conditions and environmental factors.
Offer may be amended or withdrawn by Vodafone at any time.
Terms apply.
For details on guarantee and terms, see: ww.vodafone.co.nz/legal/terms-conditions/superwifi/

More information about getting SuperWifi

Is my broadband plan eligible for SuperWifi?

SuperWifi is redeemable on eligible Broadband plans. If you are unsure whether your plan is eligible, please call one of the team on 0800 222664.

Where do I find my broadband account number?

You can find your Broadband Account number in the top banner of your Vodafone Bill – labelled ‘Account no.’

What if I've forgotten my 4 digit security pin?

You’ll need to call our team on 0800 222 664. They’ll ask you a few questions to confirm your identity and can then either reset you security PIN or process your redemption for you

How does SuperWifi appear on my bill?

Includes a twin pack TP-link Deco X20 WiFi devices, which have an RRP of $449.
A 24-month contract term applies to SuperWifi Offer (separate from any Broadband term). After redeeming, your next bill will show a “SuperWifi balance” which reduces monthly throughout the 24 month term to a SuperWifi balance of zero. This will appear as a charge and credit on your monthly invoice.

Can I change broadband plans once I redeem?

Yes - you can change between SuperWifi eligible broadband plans. However if you downgrade to an ineligible plan you will need to first pay your outstanding balance.

Note: Broadband is not available everywhere and we cannot guarantee your availability until the services are connected.

How long do I have to redeem SuperWifi?

You don't have to redeem SuperWifi straight away, as long as you are on an eligible plan plan and SuperWifi is available.
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