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Home Phone Wireless is a fantastic value home phone solution delivered over Vodafone's reliable mobile network.
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on $49.99 National Calling Plan plan 12 month term
Total monthly cost

National Calling Plan, 12 month term

Home Phone Wireless National plan gives you the freedom to enjoy an unlimited number of local and national landline calls (up to 2 hrs per call). Plus get great low rates for international calls.

Local & National Calling Unlimited local and national calling.
Caller Display Caller Display included
Additional Charges
Calls to NZ mobiles Calls to national mobiles are charged at 36c per minute.

Add-Ons available
BestMate Free calls to up to 3 Vodafone NZ mobiles (up to 2 hours per call)
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Home Wireless Calling Features

Things to know
    • Your coverage needs to be 2 bars or more ('good' or better) to get Vodafone Home Phone Wireless (you can use the Coverage check to confirm).
    • The Vodafone Home Phone Wireless device does not support the products listed below. You'll need to keep your current landline to use the following items:
      - Fixed (standard) broadband or dial up
      - Fax
      - Monitored house alarm through a phone line
      - Medic alarm link through a phone line
      - Gaming system with the Vodafone Home Phone Wireless device
      - Remote to download Sky "pay per view" movies or games, or use sky betting. When you use Sky, you can still order movies by calling their 0800 number from your Home Phone Wireless phone.
      - Calling cards
      - 3 way calling or audio conference calling
      If you need to use any of the services above with your phone line, Vodafone offers great fixed line home phone and broadband packs.
    • If the service is cancelled within 12 months of signing up, an early termination charge of $199 applies.

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