Red Share plan

How it works

To add your family to your plan you need to be on a Red+ plan. You can then add up to 4 family members using Red Share. With Red share you can also allocate the amount of data your kids use each month with data controls through My Vodafone.

New to Vodafone?
With Red+ you get unlimited talk & txt to standard numbers in NZ and OZ and lots of data to share with your family.  Choose from one of our Red+ plans then call us to add family members using Red Share

Select your Red+ plan from $59.99 a month.

Travelling Overseas?
Find out how you can use your NZ Mins, TXTs and Shared Data in 23 Countries for $5 a day, per device with Daily Roaming.

Want a new smartphone?
You can also add a new phone to any Red share plan, interest free & with $49 deposit.

Want to connect your tablet? See Tablet Share.

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How to share your data

Red Share plan customers can now easily set data allocations for their family members. We recommend doing this on the day your plan renews.

How to share your data

1. Make sure your My Vodafone App is up to date by checking the app below.
Then login to My Vodafone

Get My Vodafone for your iPhone or iPad  Get My Vodafone for your Android device

2. Tap Manage Shared Data
3. On the Manage shared data screen, users can select View all sharers to see the data usage and allocation from all sharers
4. Tap Manage data limits to adjust thresholds on each sharer account
5. On the Manage data limits screen, simply tap and hold the slider to do the following:

  • To increase the data limit, drag the slider to the right. If the slider is dragged completely to the right, no limit is applied and the amount shown will be the maximum.
  • To decrease the data limit, drag the slider to the left. Note: A “Limit reached” notification will be displayed if the slider is moved to be less than the sharers’ current usage and is the minimum level which can be set.

6. Click Save data limits to apply changes.
7. The Data limits saved popup appears. Tap OK to proceed.
8. The Data limits set will be applied immediately.

Got a question? Read our Red Share FAQs or Ask the Ninjas in the Vodafone Community.

Data limits in My Vodafone

  1. Only available on Consumer Red plans with one or more Consumer Red Share connection.
  2. Manage data limits allows the account holder (or anyone with billing account access) to set data limits for Red Share connections, in My Vodafone.
  3. The account holder is always set to maximum, and by default Red Share connections are set to maximum. Meaning all can access the account holders mobile plan shared data allowance. This includes applicable data Add-Ons.
  4. When setting data limits for a Red Share connection(s), the limit(s) set allow the connection access up to the amount of data set. It does not guarantee the connection all of the data set, as it is shared data that other connections have access to and its first come first served.
  5. When a Red Share connection(s) has a data limit set above the monthly data allowance (e.g. if Flexi Data is purchased and a data limit is set higher than the monthly data allowance). Vodafone resets the applicable Red Share connection(s) limit to maximum when the billing cycle is renewed.
  6. When resigning or changing your plan onto another eligible plan with a lower monthly data allowance. Data limits will reset to maximum once the new term or plan is activate.
  7. Vodafone staff are not able to adjust a set data limit.
Important things to know