Samsung Galaxy Note10 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is the latest model in Samsung’s line of premium smartphones that promises a combination of elegant design with powerful performance.

Leigh Tuuta from Discount Drainage Ltd in Christchurch kindly volunteered to put the Samsung Galaxy Note10 through its paces and let us know if it lives up to its hype.

Leigh Tuuta from Discount Drainage tests the Samsung Note10 phone

First impressions

I received my Galaxy Note10 on a Friday afternoon. I usually keep up to date with each new phone as they come out, but I hadn’t heard much about the Note10 as in the past I’d stuck to the S series of phones - working my way through the various models from the S4 ,S7, S8 and most recently the S9+.

Switching over to the Galaxy Note10 was a simple process, as it always is with Samsung. I simply charged the phone, inserted the SIM card, followed the onscreen instructions and let the Galaxy’s do their thing wirelessly to change all apps, data, contacts etc. over to the new phone.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Note10 came with a huge 256GB of internal storage. A handy bonus as I use my phone a lot at work, taking photos and videos when carrying out CCTV drainage inspections on site.

A superior camera experience

The quality of the video camera and the photos from the still camera, is simply amazing. I do a lot of fishing on the weekends and the best “bite time” is dawn and dusk. The abilities of the Note 10 camera in low light is a huge step up from the S9+.

Videos while walking or moving are super smooth with the Super Steady feature which takes away the normal ‘hand shake’ that you see on some mobile phone videos. And it comes with video editing software which can be used with the included S Pen.

This means I can record video with our drainage camera, send it via Bluetooth to the Note10, edit and send it directly to the customer while still on site. I used to do all this back at the office and the customer would have to wait a day or 2 before they got the footage.

S Pen impresses

As well as taking photos on site, I’ve also been making notes using the S Pen and can either email or send an MMS to other staff to simply explain what is needed.

The S Pen is something that I never thought I would use, but the accuracy of the pen compared to a finger is really noticeable. And I have found myself looking for more Apps to make use of this brilliant tool.

Kids love it

My kids love the included Pen Up app where you can colour in pictures and share your work with other users of the app. They also love the fact you can set the phone up and remotely take pictures with the S Pen.

Handwriting converting to text is a great feature and I find instead of having post-it notes lying all over my desk, I now have a tidy list of notes on my Note10. With these simple uses of the S Pen there has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of paper in the office recycling bin.

Final thoughts

The battery life is great, I’m now getting back to the office after a day out and about and find I still have at least 50% or more battery left. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 definitely get a thumbs up from me.

It’s available now

Thanks Leigh, what a great, detailed review. If you’re interested in learning more about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and all its features, find all the details here. Or watch this short video highlighting the key functions of the Samsung Galaxy Note10.

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