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Science brought to life through mobile technology

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There’s a scientific wonderland in Henderson, Auckland, where you can travel to space, explore volcanoes, discover natural phenomena and take part in electrifying experiments.

Welcome to My Science Playroom a hands-on children’s science museum where kids and ‘big kids’ learn through play and technology.

How it all began

My Science Playroom was created by Amanda Fourie, who after arriving from South Africa twenty-one years ago was inspired to bring science to life for Kiwi kids.

“There was a science museum in South Africa, called Exploratorium, I used to take my kids there and they learned science through play and that is the whole basis of My Science Playroom,” says Amanda.

Mobile tech for learning

While a lot of the displays are focused on hands on learning, technology plays an important role at My Science Playroom.

Today's kids are digital-natives and Amanda uses tablets with virtual and augmented reality to help teach science to the children.

“To see how the heart pumps inside the human ribs is hard to explain to a young child but with a tablet they can see it and understand it,” she says.

Children can explore the human anatomy, learning all about the organs and how they work. Another favourite is the augmented reality weather app that teaches kids about storms, tornadoes, lightening and more.

Amanda is excited with how new technology can be used to enhance the kids experiences with science.

“I wish I had that augmented reality when I was in school, I really do think it’s the future, that’s how kids are going to learn about science and we’re ready to embrace it.”

In the United States, The Journal's 2018 Teaching with Technology Survey found that 87% of teachers said tech had positively impacted their ability to teach. With 96% of teachers believing technology will have a positive role to play in education in the future.

It’s not just kids games and education that augmented and virtual reality can enhance, they’re now being used for interior design, landscaping, real estate, tourism, healthcare and more. It’s worth considering how AR or VR could help your business.

The future is bright

What will the future hold for science education? Amanda believes the combination of new technology with traditional hands on learning can only help the children.

“Science and technology are all about discovery, who knows what will become available over the next few years?” she says.

My Science Playroom is open 6 days a week with two chemistry experiments every day at 11am and 2pm. Birthday parties, school groups, and all little science explorers are welcome.

Or to read more about how modern technology is changing the way children learn here

Vodafone is a proud supporter of My Science Playroom

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