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Designed just for you

The best thing about Daily Deals is that they're based completely on your usage and spend, which means they're personalised and designed just for you.
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Amazing value

From just 50c, Daily Deals are a great way for you to get instant access to bite sized bundles of data, mins and TXTs, for a bite sized price!
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New Deals every day

Refreshed every 24 hours, and built around the things you love, take your pick from personalised deals on data, mins and TXTs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Day Daily Deals explained

When purchasing a 1 Day Daily Deal, the Deals go into effect immediately upon purchase, however the official offer period will begin at midnight on the day of purchase.

For example, John buys a 1 day 500MB Daily Deal at 2pm on a Tuesday. The deal is available for John to use immediately, however the official ‘1 Day’ begins at 12.00am on Wednesday and ends 11:59pm on the Wednesday. So John gets use of the 500MB from 2pm Tuesday till 11:59pm Wednesday.

What plans do Daily Deals work on?

To be eligible for Daily Deals you must be on one of the following Prepay plans: MyFlex Prepay, Mates Prepay, Pay & Go, Prepay Carry Over19, Prepay Carry Over29, Prepay $9, Vodafone X, Prepay Smart, Freebee Talk and Freebee Data.

How long after joining Vodafone can I start using Daily Deals?

In most cases, Daily Deals will be ready 2 days after joining, but in some instances, it can take up to 5 days for them to be ready for you.

When can I get my hands on new Daily Deals?

Daily Deals will be available to purchase every day from midnight to 23:59*.

*Daily Deals may refresh in the Deals Wheel between 11pm and midnight, however the deal period stated in the Daily Deal offer will remain the same.

Where can I view and buy new Daily Deals?

It’s super easy, all you need to do is open the My Vodafone app, or log into My Vodafone online or call us on 321.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to buy a deal.

How many Daily Deals can I buy each day?

You can buy up to three deals every day.

What gets used first?

Your Daily Deal will be used first before any other entitlement in your standard plan. For example, if you purchase a Data deal, this will be used before any of your data on your $19 MyFlex plan, or if you purchase a minutes deal, it will be used before your plans minutes.

If you purchase more than one deal, we cannot guarantee they will be consumed in the order they were purchased or in the order of the deal expiry. For example, if you purchase 500 NZMBs for 7 days on Monday and 250 NZMBs for 14 days on Tuesday, your Tuesday deal may be consumed first.

Can I use Daily Deals in roaming?

No, Daily Deals can only be used while in New Zealand.

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