Supa Prepay

This plan is supported but no longer for sale - you cannot sign up, resign or transfer to it. You can continue to use your mobile, make changes to your account, and buy or change Add-Ons as normal

Plan details and charges

If you’re on one of our old Prepay plans and we retire this plan, or we think one of the Prepay plans that we’re currently selling would be better for you, then we may move you to a new plan of similar or better value. We’ll let you know about your new plan, and will post any changes to your plan on our Website. See our Prepay terms for more details.

Top up bonus Top up your Supa Prepay by $30 or more in one go and get 200 bonus weekend minutes to any NZ mobile or landline to use over the next 4 weekends.

TXTs within NZ cost 20c per TXT

TXTs from NZ to overseas numbers cost 31c per TXT

Voicemail Calls to voicemail: 20c per call
Data Without a Data Add-On: Casual data on Prepay will be charged at 50c per MB
PXTs Vodafone NZ mobiles within NZ: 50c per PXT. Any other mobile network in NZ and Australia or any email address for the rest of the world: 51c per PXT
International calls Calls to our top 15 overseas countries anytime 99c per minute. Top 15 are: Australia (excluding external territories), Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA
International TXTs From NZ to overseas 31c per TXT
Roaming /
Standard Prepay Roaming / International Rates apply


Important things to know

Important things to know 

BestMate Add-Ons

Take the world with you. Wherever you've got coverage, you can send and receive emails, download and use apps and browse the web


BestMate1000* ›

Up to 1000 calling and Video Calling minutes plus 1000 TXTs per month to 1 Vodafone NZ mobile

  •  $6 per month (Incl GST)
  •  TXT 'BUY BESTMATE1000' to 756 to but this Add-On

BestMate2000* ›

Up to 2000 calling and Video Calling minutes plus 2000 TXTs per month to 2 Vodafone NZ mobile

  •  $12 per month (Incl GST)
  •  TXT 'BUY BESTMATE2000' to buy this Add-On

BestMate3000* ›

Up to 3000 calling and Video Calling minutes plus 3000 TXTs per month to 3 Vodafone NZ mobile

  •  $18 per month (Incl GST)
  •  TXT 'BUY BESTMATE3000' to 756 to buy this Add-On

* The BestMate number must be connected to the Vodafone NZ network. For charging purposes, prepay calls are rounded up to the next minutes. Add-Ons only available on Supa Prepay Add-On will recur monthly until cancelled. To cancel freeTXT "CANCEL" and your Add-On name to 756. Eg."CANCEL TALK100". Just make sure you have enough credit on your Supa Prepay balance on the data your Add-On is due to renew. Standard charges apply after you have used all the TXTs and or minutes included in the Add-Ons. Any TXTs or minutes not used within 1 month of purchasing the Add-On will be lost. You can have only one InternationalTXT Add-On per month. Add-Ons don't apply when you are roaming overseas.

With BestMate, you can choose up to 3 BestMates on the Vodafone NZ network to call, TXT and video call from within NZ whenever you like.

As long as you have enough credit on your Supa Prepay balance, you will keep paying for BestMate without having to renew it.

Supa Prepay calls are rounded up to the next minute. That means if you talk for 1 minute and 45 seconds, your available BestMate minutes will reduce by 2 minutes.

If you don't have enough credit when your BestMate Add-On is due to renew, we will place your Add-On on hold for up to 14 days. If you top up within those 14 days your Add-On will automatically renew, provided the amount you top up is enough to cover any outstanding IOUs as well as Add-Ons you have. You won't be able to use, or change (other than cancel) an Add-On while it is on hold.

If you no longer want your BestMate Add-On you can cancel it online in My Account or, TXT 'CANCEL BESTMATE' to 756. If you want to change a BestMate number it will cost you $3 each time you make a change.

BestMate on Supa Prepay Terms & Conditions apply


Important things to know