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Top tech tips from our Ninjas

Our Ninjas train to anticipate your tech needs. Here’s some top tips to get you sorted

Vodafone Ninjas - Top Tips: Android

Top tips: Android ›

No matter which Android phone you use, here’s how you can make the most of it.

Vodafone Ninjas - Top Tips: iPhone & iPad

Top Tips: iPhone & iPad ›

Learn how to maximise the potential of your iPhone and iPad.

Vodafone Ninjas - Top Tips: Broadband

Top Tips: Broadband ›

Learn how to choose the best plan & speeds, manage settings, monitor usage and even get help with your home phone.


Ninja Tools

Our Ninjas are not only ace at answering questions - they're trained to anticipate what you need, and create tools like these to help you

Always connected - Stay on the 'Net while we get your fibre all set.

Always Connected

We can keep you connected if your home broadband goes down.

Fibre Tracker

Fibre Tracker

Keep an eye on your fibre installation, and know how soon you can hit "go".

Check out the Fibre Tracker Tool.


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How do you get the most from our products and services? Simply talk to a trained expert in store, online or over the phone

Talk to a Ninja

You can talk to a Vodafone Ninja in any store across New Zealand, or give us a call on the relevant numbers below: 

Get in touch via the Vodafone Community or call a Ninja: 

Mobile 777 or 0800 800 021

Give our Broadband Specialist Ninjas a bell: 

ADSL or VDSL - 0800 438 448
Rural Broadband - 0800 800 966
Cable or Fibre - 0508 888 800


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