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Help with your mobile signal

Mobile network connection varies from location to location

When you make a call, your mobile phone's signal gets picked up by the nearest cell site. Your phone call will stay active as long as you're within range of this site.

If you're on the move, the phone's signal jumps from one cell site to the next to keep the call connected. If many calls are being transferred to a particular site or if there's a software glitch, you might lose connectivity.

Mobile black spots are another reason that you might lose connectivity. In rural areas, black spots or dead zones exist, because the distance between cell sites is quite large. In urban areas, black spots could be because the signal is blocked by buildings, or you are too far underground for the signal to reach your phone (for example, basements and parking garages).

Check network status

Mobile without network connection

There are chances your phone itself may be the reason for poor connectivity. If the internal antenna has been physically damaged, this may lead to dropped calls. Your phone may limit connectivity if the battery has insufficient power.

Quite often, the simplest solution is to turn your phone off and on again, to re-establish a network connection.

Where your mobile phone was purchased from.

If your phone was bought from a parallel importer, the fault may be in the phone design. That usually means the firmware version, or the mobile frequency that it supports. You could take it in for servicing or you could consider upgrading to a current 4G phone. You can learn more about our NZ mobile frequencies.

Vodafone Sure Signal

Sometimes the construction materials used in your home or office could be blocking your phone signal. Materials like wire mesh, sheet metal, certain types of insulation and reinforced concrete have been found to block phone signals and lead to loss of connectivity.

How to improve your network reception

If you experience frequent dropped calls or lack of connectivity inside your home or office building, we recommend installing our Sure Signal device. This device uses your Vodafone fixed broadband to boost the 3G mobile signal throughout your house or office, giving you more bars on your mobile and enhanced call quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most common questions and answers about the Vodafone mobile network

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