Two great reasons to grab the latest smartphone

How does interest free work?

All our smartphones are now interest free with an upfront cost of $49.

Now you can grab the latest smartphone absolutely interest free! This means you can pay off the cost of the phone over 12 or 24 months.

The cost of your new smartphone is added to your monthly plan cost giving you a total amount to pay each month which equals the interest free payment + your monthly cost. Easy.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What mobile plans can I buy with an interest free phone?
A. Almost all of our personal open term and 24month on account plans are eligible for interest free device payments.

Q. What’s the difference buying it over 12 or 24 months?
A. The longer the payment term, the lower the payments so if you choose the 24 month term your total monthly cost will be more affordable.

Q. Why choose a 24 month mobile plan vs an open term mobile plan?
A. A most of our 24 month plans provide you a discount off the cost of the device so this may lower the monthly interest free amount you pay.

Q. What happens if I want end my contract early?
A. If you exit or transfer to another provider before the end of the interest free term you just need to pay the remaining balance of the device cost and any early termination fees for your mobile plan.

Interest free FAQs