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Smartphone Diagnostics

Your mobile is important to you so we want to help you make sure it’s working at its best all the time. Introducing Smartphone Diagnostics, the simple way to keep your mobile phone safe, secure and trouble free.

Use Vodafone Smartphone Diagnostics to quickly identify problems and fix them easily without having to visit a Vodafone shop or send your mobile device off for repair.

Most mobile phone issues are software related and can be fixed in minutes. Smartphone Diagnostics helps you understand these problems and provides simple on-screen guides on how to fix them.

With an easy menu and helpful on-screen guides, you’ll be able to identify and fix several common software-based issues on your smartphone.
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Some tests you can run through the app

  • Performance - Checking your mobile’s memory, storage and general well-being
  • Screen - Looking out for screen faults and making sure your colours are vibrant
  • Audio - Ensuring your microphone, headset jack and built-in speaker are all in working order
  • Camera - Helping to make sure your selfies are just right.

And if something is definitely not right, we’ve built in answers to help you fix the issue. If that's not possible then the Store Locator tool is right there, so you can find the nearest source of Ninja help quickly and easily.

Important things to know

  • To use the Smartphone Diagnostics app, you need to have a phone running on the Android operating system version 4.4 or later, iOS 8 or later. Smartphone Diagnostics is not available for Windows devices.
  • The Smartphone Diagnostics app is provided to you free of charge and you will not be charged for installing the app. You may be charged for the use of data to download it.
  • Smartphone Diagnostics app T&Cs apply

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