Sure Signal - Shutdown

It's time to shut down Sure Signal

Sure Signal devices will stop working from 10 December 2021. This means you need to use alternative technology to stay connected.

Instead, you can use Wifi Calling to make or receive phone calls and text messages if you don't have a strong mobile signal. This means you don't need a booster like Sure Signal.

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What is Sure Signal?

Sure Signal (also called “femtocell”) is a third-generation mobile network (3G) device that boosts the 3G signal and coverage throughout your house or business by up to 30 metres, when there is a weak mobile signal.

There are a few different models, and may look like one of the devices below:

Sure Signal devices

Why are you closing Sure Signal down?

Technology is continually evolving, so we need to keep retiring older devices including Sure Signal as the legacy tech is no longer supported. After 10 December 2021, our Sure Signal service will be shut down as we make way for newer and more efficient technology. Sure Signal is now an outmoded service using 3G technology that launched in 2011.

Instead, we’ve introduced an alternative connectivity option, WiFi Calling, as a new way to make and receive calls or text messages (SMS) in any location covered by WiFi, even when you don’t have a mobile signal. WiFi Calling is a new software feature and means an additional booster device isn’t required.

But I can’t get a strong mobile signal where I live. What is my alternative?

WiFi Calling enable you to make calls using WiFi even when the mobile signal is weak. To use WiFi Calling, you’ll just need a voice calling enabled plan, an eligible phone with the latest software updates installed and Wifi Calling turned on, plus a good quality Wifi connection. Older smartphones will not be Wifi Calling capable. For more information, please visit our WiFi Calling page.

What should I do with my old Sure Signal device?

Once you’re up and running on Wifi Calling, or after 10 December 2021, you can unplug the Sure Signal booster from your modem and dispose of it safely. You can return it to us for recycling; simply fill in this form for recycling on our website and we'll send you a recycling return bag. Otherwise most council areas have ways of disposing of e-waste, such as outlined on this Auckland Council page online.

When did you decide to retire Sure Signal?

All new Sure Signal devices that we’ve sold or dispatched since late 2019 have included a sticker on the box stating that this technology would expire in December 2021.

I’ve got a Sure Signal for IoT devices. What’s my alternative?

For Internet of Things (IoT) customers and some Enterprise users for whom Wifi Calling is not an option, we are currently trialling a small cell device. Please contact your account manager or for more information. These will be 4G units and so 4G and 5G (VoLTE) capable devices will connect to them.

Technology is evolving quickly and for customers currently considering investing in new IoT sensors and devices that connect to the Vodafone cellular (mobile) network, the optimal choice would be a 4G/5G enabled device. We also have LTE-CATM1 and NB-IoT networks available that have been specifically designed for IoT use. These technologies have better reach, lower power consumption and potentially lower device cost than the comparative 4G (LTE-CAT1) devices.

What’s happening to Sure Signal devices that are used as outdoor cell sites?

We’re aiming to replace all outdoor femtocell devices with an alternative connectivity option before Sure Signal shuts down. If you’re an Enterprise customer and need to discuss outdoor coverage options, please contact your account manager.

What about the mobile signal in my area? Are you expanding the Vodafone network to offer better coverage?

We’re investing hundreds of millions of dollars into our digital infrastructure to build and upgrade cell sites around NZ. In a few years’ time, there will be 4G and/or 5G coverage everywhere the older 3G network used to reach - and the 4G Calling (VoLTE) coverage area is rapidly expanding.

We also partner with the Rural Connectivity Group to build more rural digital infrastructure, and these sites mainly include 4G and VoLTE technology, as older 3G technology is phased out.

You can find out about the network technology currently available anywhere in NZ via our online coverage map:

What is a good Wifi Connection?

Wifi Calling requires a Wifi connection with at least 100-120 Kbps bandwidth to ensure a better experience.

If you have Wifi connection issues, you may want to check out SuperWifi. Customers on eligible broadband plans can get SuperWifi for wall-to-wall Wifi guaranteed or a $100 broadband credit.

If you’re using an ADSL or VDSL connection that offers a weak Wifi signal, then upgrading to fibre or wireless broadband may be the best option for you.

Please note: Local interference and Wifi traffic load may impact Wifi Calling experience.

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