IOU - get an instant $5 credit for your Prepay

Get a Prepay IOU

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If you're running low on credit and can’t Top Up right away, get an instant $5 credit with Prepay IOU. Next time you Top Up, you’ll repay the $5 plus a $0.50 fee.

Simply TXT IOU to 468 and we'll apply a $5 credit straight away!

Important things to know:

  • You must have less than $14 credit to use TXT IOU.
  • You can only have one outstanding IOU at a time - you need to repay your outstanding IOU before you can request another one.
  • IOU is not available while roaming.
  • You can’t move to another Prepay or Pay Monthly plan while you have an unpaid IOU.

Prepay IOU FAQ

What is Prepay IOU?
A temporary $5 credit you can request and pay back next time you top up.

How do I get it?
If you have less than $14 credit, TXT 'IOU' to 468.

How many times can I get IOU?
You can only have one outstanding IOU at a time.

Will it cost me?
Sending the IOU TXT does not cost you anything.

How will I know I have an IOU?
You will receive an automatic confirmation TXT when the credit is applied.

What plans are eligible?
All Prepay plans are eligible for IOU.
Ineligible plans are NZ Travel SIM plans and all Prepay Data plans.

How do I pay it back?
Next time you top up $20 and above, $5.50 will be deducted from your credit. ($5 for IOU and a $0.50 service fee).
If you have an IOU outstanding, the top up credit will be applied in the following order:
- Repay IOU
- Renew plan pack

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