Flexi Data for Pay Monthly customers

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With Flexi Data we'll send you a TXT if you are running low on data and give you options to buy more. Changes to Flexi Data which were scheduled for 26 March 2020, will now start on the 22 April 2020.

From 22 April 2020, Flexi Data add-ons will be subject to the following pricing structure:

• 250MB for $10
• 500MB for $15
• 2GB for $25
• 3GB for $35

Until 21 April 2020, Flexi Data add-ons will have the following pricing structure:

  • 500MB for $12
  • 1GB for $20
  • 2GB for $35


TXT alerts* at 80% and 100% of your data allowance

Get more data when you need it

You're in control, so no surprises on your bill

Flexi Data is automatically included in all Vodafone Red, Vodafone Red Business, Smart, Business Smart, Smart Data, Business Smart Data, Broadband Mini, Broadband Regular and Broadband Supreme plans purchased after 24 August 2011.

It doesn’t apply if you’re using Prepay data, a BlackBerry, Opera Mini browser, Corporate APN or casual data.

* TXTs not available on iPads or iPad Mini
Search our FAQs about Flexi Data

Important things to know

If you choose to purchase one of the one-off Flexi Data add-ons, it will expire at the end of your billing cycle
  • Casual data rates are no longer available on the following plans: Vodafone Red, On Account & BYO On Account, Vodafone Red Business, Business On Account and Business BYO On Account, Red Tablet plans
  • If you are on a Red Share Plan you must have billing account access to purchase additional data
  • If you choose to purchase a one-off data add-on, you will not receive an 80% notification for the additional data add-on (notification and redirection will only occur at 100%)
  • All prices include GST
  • Flexi Data is not available for Corporate APN customers
  • Flexi Data is not available for Prepay plans
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