TXT CallMe for free

This free service allows you to TXT anyone on the Vodafone network, asking them to call you.

With Vodafone CallMe, we'll send a message to anyone on the Vodafone network for you with a message that says ‘call me’ for free! It’s great for kids that have run out of credit.

Simply TXT the person's Vodafone number to 798 and wait for them to call.


  •  Stay in touch when you’re out of credit
  •  Great for when kids need Mum or Dad to call
  •  One more way to communicate on the Vodafone network

Important things to know

  • Both mobiles must be on the Vodafone network
  • If you’re not sure whether someone is on the Vodafone network, TXT their number (for free) to 300
  • It’s free to send and receive messages, but standard calling charges apply for any phone calls made between both mobiles
  • Your CallMe request may include a promotional message, so please don't use CallMe to contact anyone who would not want to receive marketing messages
  • CallMe is not available when you’re using Global Roaming
Important things to know 
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How to use CallMe

CallMe is very simple to use.  TXT to the number below and they'll call you back.

TXT the person’s Vodafone number to 798 and wait for them to call