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Tablet share

Share your mobile plan with all your devices

What is Tablet Share?

Tablet Share is a plan that allows you to connect any mobile data enabled device such as tablets, laptops or security cameras to your mobile plan. That means you can share your mobile data across all of your devices so you can keep surfing wherever you are in NZ.

Tablet Share allows you to add a sharer on selected Pay Monthly plans. You can add up to 5 devices on any Red+ plan or 3 devices on our Red+ Essentials $59.99 plan.

You can allocate the amount of data that is used on devices through data controls in the My Vodafone app. Refer to the Important Things to Know for the full list of eligible plans.

How does the Tablet Share plan work?

Check out the graphic below as a guide to how it works
Graphic of how tablet share works.
graphic of how tablet share works
graphic of how tablet share works
graphic of how tablet share works

Important things to know

Other charges

Additional TXT - $0.20 per TXT message sent

Extra Data - With Flexi Data you will be re-directed to a page where you can purchase an additional data bundle (non-recurring) if you run out of data.

  • Your calls will be charged per minute, rounded up to the closest full minute
  • Tablet Share allows you to share your Eligible Plan's data when you have a Tablet Share Plan connected to your account. Eligible plans are On Account $39, $59 & $69 plans, Red+ Essentials, Red+, Red+ Super, Black or Black Data plan. To share data the Sharing plans must be on the same Billing Account as the Eligible Plan Customer Account holder. You cannot buy Tablet Share plan as a standalone plan, nor can it be used without being connected to an Eligible Plan. If the Eligible Plan leaves, the Tablet Share plan will need to have another Eligible Plan appointed. You can add up to 5 additional Tablet Share plans to an eligible On Account or Red+ plan.. If you are the Customer Account Holder of the Eligible plans and Table Share plans, you are the owner and you will be liable for all Charges payable under that Account.
  • The Customer Account Holder is the owner of the account, and accordingly the phone number for any Sharing plans. To the extent that the user of the number wishes to move to a different plan, or provider approval must be given by the Account Holder.
  • All Data, whether included in an eligible plans entitlements or purchased is shared across Sharing Plans and consumed on a first in first served basis
  • Sharing Plans must have Billing Account Access to purchase additional data either through Flexi Data or re-occurring data Add-ons
  • For $7 a day you can use your plan minutes, TXT and data with Daily Roaming. Simplified rates apply to other destinations
  • Any member of the sharing group can roam on Daily Roaming to selected destinations. Charges will apply regardless of whether the plan has billing access. If roaming on Daily Roaming, data can be used and shared by any member of the group as if you were at home
  • Consumer terms, Mobile terms and Mobile Plan Terms and Conditions apply.

Already with us?

If you're on a Red+ 24-month plan, Tablet Share is included for $0 per month as part of your package. If you're on an Open Term plan - Give us a call or visit us in-store and, for a limited time, we'll add Tablet Share to your existing plan for $10 per month.
Call 0800 777 048

New to Vodafone?

Choose from our range of Pay Monthly plans from $39.99 a month and call or visit us in-store to add Tablet Share.
Available plans
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How to share your data

Tablet Share plan customers can easily set data allocations for each of their connected devices through the My Vodafone app. We recommend doing this on the day your plan renews. Check out this video on how to share your data.

Don’t have the My Vodafone app? Download it now.

Important things to know

Data limits in My Vodafone

  1. Only available on Consumer Red plans with one or more Consumer Red Share connection.
  2. Manage data limits allows the account holder (or anyone with billing account access) to set data limits for Red Share connections, in My Vodafone.
  3. The account holder is always set to maximum, and by default Red Share connections are set to maximum. Meaning all can access the account holders mobile plan shared data allowance. This includes applicable data Add-Ons.
  4. When setting data limits for a Red Share connection(s), the limit(s) set allow the connection access up to the amount of data set. It does not guarantee the connection all of the data set, as it is shared data that other connections have access to and its first come first served.
  5. When a Red Share connection(s) has a data limit set above the monthly data allowance (e.g. if Flexi Data is purchased and a data limit is set higher than the monthly data allowance). Vodafone resets the applicable Red Share connection(s) limit to maximum when the billing cycle is renewed.
  6. When resigning or changing your plan onto another eligible plan with a lower monthly data allowance. Data limits will reset to maximum once the new term or plan is activate.
  7. Vodafone staff are not able to adjust a set data limit.

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