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Important things to know

Prepay Data Terms and Conditions:

  1. You can purchase a SIM at $5 (with no data allowance) and choose the data plan you want after top up, or you can purchase the 1GB data plan that is bundled with device.
  2. Every time you Top up your Prepay Data SIM by $20 or more you’ll receive a FREE 500MB Bonus that lasts 30 days (or if you top up earlier)
  3. Use your Prepay balance to purchase one of the Prepay Data Plan (Data 20; Data 30; Data 50 and Data 80) Data 20 and 30 lasts for 30 days, Data 50 lasts 3 months and Data 80 lasts 6 months. Always know what you're paying for with no casual rates.
  4. If you use all the data in your plan before the end date you can choose to
    1. Purchase any Prepay Always Available Data Deals via My Vodafone (Prepay Data Boost 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, lasts for 30 days). Prepay Boost terms apply, see vodafone.co.nz/legal/terms-conditions/boost/
    2. Wait until the plan expires when it will automatically renew on the anniversary date provided you have enough credit;
    3. Repurchase the same plan again; or
    4. Purchase a different plan.
  5. If you have insufficient Prepay balance and your Prepay Data plan fails to renew, the plan will go on hold for up to 14 days from the date it was due to renew.  After 14 days it will be removed.
  6. If you top up sufficient credit within the 14 days your plan will be automatically re-purchased and the price will be deducted from your Prepay balance, provided you Top up enough to cover any outstanding IOUs
  7. Excludes use outside New Zealand.
  8. 4G not available everywhere and requires a 4G capable device. See vodafone.co.nz/4G
  9. Vodafone Terms and Conditions for Prepay customers apply.
Important things to know 

Prepay Mobile Broadband Boosts

Great value boosts that are always available

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Grab a Data Boost to get you through until your plan renews at the end of the month

Data Boost 30 days
2GB for $45 5GB for $75 10GB for $140


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If you’re on a Prepay plan that is enabled for 4G, any other Data Boosts you purchase will also work at 4G speeds provided you are in a coverage area and have a capable device.

Prepay Data Terms apply.