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Take superfast, reliable Wi-Fi with you.

Pocket Wi

Kicking back at the bach or working wherever? Fire up a mobile hotspot for you and your mates.

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Portable Alcatel MW41

Portable Alcatel MW41

With this pocket-sized wireless router, you can set up a private internet connection anywhere there’s Vodafone mobile coverage. The long-life battery gives you hours of battery life.

The power of 4G

The power of 4G

Enjoy the speed and reliability of 4G away from the home or office – simply set up a mobile hotspot. The clear LED display (Signal, WLAN, SMS, Battery) makes it easy to operate.

Connect many devices

Create a personal Wi-Fi zone for up to 14 users. As long as your device is Wi-Fi (802.11b and g) enabled, you can connect to the internet through Pocket Wi-Fi. Laptops. iPads. And with an easy one-touch setup.

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