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Terms - Endless Companion Plan Updates

We’ve made some updates to your plan.
Your plan entitlements will remain the same, with you and your crew never having to worry about sharing data, talk or TXTs.
These changes also mean that you will have an improved experience in the My Vodafone app and the name of your plan will change on your bill (see below for more).

Terms and conditions:

Companion Plans: Buy one $60 Medium or above Pay Monthly Mobile plan and add up to 3 more for $35 per Companion plan per month. Companions must be on the same billing account and plan type as the Primary Plan (e.g. all Large plans). The Account Holder is liable for all charges in addition to the cost of each plan. Companion plans are not available through the Online store. Speeds reduced to a maximum of 1.2Mbps after Max Speed Data allowance exceeded. Unlimited voice calls & TXTs to standard NZ & Oz numbers (e.g. no short codes or MMS/PXT). Personal Mobile use only. Mobile terms and Pay Monthly terms apply.

Consumer terms apply


What changes have been made to my plan?

If you are currently on a half price (‘Buy One Get One’) Endless Data plan, then you will now be on an Endless Data Companion Plan. If you are on a ‘Primary Plan’, then there are no changes to your plan.

These updates don’t affect the data, mins or TXT entitlements of your plan, but it does change the name of the half price plans on your monthly bill to ‘Companions’. For example, half price Medium Endless Data Plans will now be billed as ‘Companion Medium Mobile’.

If you had four half price (‘Buy One Get One’) Endless Data plans on your account, three of them have become Companion Plans. The fourth plan will continue to be billed as it has been (half price) and will continue to have the same plan entitlements.

All Companion Plans are charged at a fixed price of $35 per companion per month. All Primary (full priced) plans remain the same.

Are Companion Plans right for me?

Companion Plans are perfect for adding the crew to one bill and not having to worry about sharing data, talk or TXTs. You can add 1, 2 or 3 people to your $60 Medium, $80 Large or $100 Extra Large Endless Data Mobile plan so everybody has a massive amount of data, minutes and TXTs every month. You can check what plan suits your crew best here.

How can I add a Companion Plan?

You can get these plans in store through one of our Vodafone Retail stores, Noel Leeming, or by calling one of our team.

What do I need to understand about being on a Companion Plan?

Because your mobile number is added to the Primary plan holder’s account, they effectively take control of the number and are responsible for all the monthly charges incurred, including the plan price.

This also means the Primary plan holder will be able to:

  • See a record of all calls and TXT messages made and received from your number (but not the content of the calls or TXTs).
  • Change the Primary and Companion plans (e.g. downgrading or upgrading the plan type, adding call bars to prevent international dialling, or adding or removing other add-ons such as interest free payments).
  • Terminate or suspend the Primary Plan and/or the Companion plan.
  • Move your number to another provider

You can check out more of the details and read our full Terms and Conditions here.

How do I find out who is the Primary plan holder on my account?

You can find out who the Primary plan holder on your account or change the Primary Plan holder on your account by call our dedicated team or visiting a Vodafone store.

You will need to have access to your account PIN to make any changes to the Primary Plan holder on your account.

If you are the Primary Plan holder and choose to give your account PIN to a Companion on your account, they will then gain Primary Plan access.

When a Companion gains Primary Plan access, it means that they have: billing account access, can access account information, can add and disconnect connections as well as add-ons.

Any companion with Primary Plan access can view all usage data relating to plans and add-ons linked to that account.

You should only share your account PIN and credentials with people you want to share account access with.

Want to know more about Endless Data?

Head on over to see our Endless Data plans

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