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Terms - Prepay Roaming

Please note: These terms and conditions apply to customers who signed up for their Prepay plan from 17 March 2015.
If you signed up before 17 March, you can find your terms here.

1. Connection Agreement

Prepay customers will be eligible only for Vodafone Traveller rates while using their mobile phone overseas ('roaming').

2. Prepay Roaming Add-Ons

To be eligible to purchase Prepay Roaming Add-Ons you must be on one of the following plans: My Flex Prepay, Mates Prepay, Prepay Pay & Go, Prepay Carryover $19 or $29, International Plan and Vodafone X.

Prepay Roaming Add-Ons can be purchased either before you leave New Zealand or once you reach your overseas destination (where you will receive TXT notification and/or can TXT 756 . To find out the rates that will apply to your roaming destination see Prepay Roaming Add-Ons or Sign in to My Vodafone. Prepay Roaming Add-Ons can only be used in the specified countries. See the country list available at www.vodafone.co.nz/prepay-roaming

You might require your plan to be active (not on hold) before purchasing your Prepay Roaming Add-On. The add-on will be active immediately after your purchase so should be purchased once you have reached your destination. Any minutes, TXTs or data not used within the add-on validity periods will be lost. Prepay Roaming Add-Ons can be purchased for the following time periods valid until mid-night New Zealand time:

  • 1 Day
  • 1 Week (7 Days)

Order of use applies: daily add-ons will be used before weekly add-ons.

If you purchased the daily Add-On before midnight NZ time, you will be able to use it until midnight NZ time the next day.

If you purchased the weekly Add-On before midnight NZ time, you will be able to use it for the next 7 full days (NZ time).

When reviewing your Prepay Data Roaming Add-on online or in My Vodafone, data usage will be displayed rounded up to the nearest 1MB. For data usage you will receive a TXT alert when you reach 80% and 100% of your data allowance. Once you have reached 100% you will be prompted to purchase another Prepay Roaming Add-On. If you run out of data, mins or TXTs casual rates will apply based on the destination you are roaming.

3. Charges

If you are not using a Prepay Roaming Add-on, Vodafone Prepay casual roaming charges will apply to all calls, TXTs and data usages while you are out of New Zealand.

On Prepay, different casual roaming rates apply depending on the ‘Zone’ you are in while making outgoing calls when overseas (outside of NZ).

Prepay Roaming does not include premium numbers, satellite calls, in-flight roaming calls, maritime calls and fax/data calls.

The charges relating to each zone are set out on Prepay Roaming and Prepay Roaming out of bundle

Roaming does not apply to any included minutes, TXTs or data you may have in NZ prepay plan, including any voice, TXT or data add-ons in NZ.

Data is charged on a separate basis, depending on the country that you are using data in. Data usage is charged per 10KB or part thereof. Different locations may have different device requirements and costs are measured on data volume rather than time spent online. Details of the costs and device requirements for each location are set out on Prepay roaming

All incoming calls will be charged at a flat rate regardless of the origin of the call, or country you are in at the time of receiving the call. All outgoing text messages will be charged at a flat rate regardless of the country you are travelling in, or the country that the text originated from. Details of those charges are set out on the Prepay Roaming page.

As of 1 April 2022, GST will be charged for all calls, TXTs and data you use while roaming.

We do our best to ensure a great roaming experience by providing access to overseas networks, but we are unable to guarantee the quality or coverage that any other country provides.

4. Maritime and In-Flight Roaming

In-flight roaming is not included in either the Vodafone Prepay casual rates or Prepay Roaming Add-ons, but is available on selected domestic and international flights. See www.vodafone.co.nz/roaming for more details including the costs.

Maritime Calls are available on some cruise liners. See www.vodafone.co.nz/roaming/maritime-coverage/ for details of the cruise liners and the cost of the calls.

5. Promotions

Promotional offers to Vodafone New Zealand customers will not apply to you while you are roaming. If you are in doubt please call us on 777 from your Vodafone mobile before you leave New Zealand or, if you are already overseas, on +64 9 355 2007 for specific promotion details.

6. Liability

As roaming involves services provided by networks other than that of Vodafone New Zealand Limited, you agree that we will not be responsible for the way in which any external carrier provides or fails to provide any service (including disconnection, lack of coverage or the performance of that carrier's network).

7. Acceptance

You will be taken to have accepted these terms and conditions as soon as you start roaming. We may vary these terms and conditions from time to time in accordance with our Consumer terms and Mobile Terms and Conditions.

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