Prepay Porting Data 3GB offer

Terms and Conditions

Bring your number with you (from any other NZ mobile network) when you join our Vodafone Mates, MyFlex Prepay, A Kiwi Favourite $19 or Big Data Bundle $28 plan and receive a bonus 3GB of data.

You can bring your number to Vodafone by following the instructions at or by visiting one of our Vodafone stores.

The 3GB data bonus is a one-off that lasts for up to three months from the date that you receive it, and is in addition to the data allowance of the Prepay plan you choose. Any unused data will not be carried over.

You will receive 3GB within 72 hours of:

  1. activating your new SIM
  2. topping up and activating onto an eligible Prepay plan

Data will be consumed in the following order:

  1. Top up data bonus (if any)
  2. Prepay Fantastic Friday Deals (if any)
  3. Always Available Prepay Deals/boosts (if any)
  4. 3GB bring your number bonus data
  5. Prepay plan entitlements

Standard Prepay porting terms apply, see You may be responsible to your current telecommunications provider for unlock fees, porting charges and/or early termination charges.