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Online Shop Terms and Conditions

Terms - Online Shop

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply in relation to your purchase of handsets, accessories, Prepay and On Account services ("Services") and any other products from the Vodafone Online shop ("Products"). By browsing and (where applicable) purchasing from the Vodafone Online shop you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, our Website terms of use and any additional terms and conditions presented during the purchasing process.

1. Application of terms and conditions

1.1 In these terms and conditions, reference to "we" and "us" means Vodafone New Zealand Limited, and "our" has a corresponding meaning.

1.2 "You" means you our customer under these terms and conditions and "your" has a corresponding meaning.

2. Purchasing Products from the Vodafone Online shop

2.1 While Vodafone has endeavoured to ensure that the information provided on the Vodafone Online shop is free from error, we do not warrant its accuracy, adequacy or completeness, and to the extent permitted by law we shall not be responsible or liable for any error in, or omission from, the information provided on the Vodafone Online shop. We reserve the right to make changes to the information provided on the Vodafone Online shop at any time and without notice.

2.2 Your placement of an order via the Vodafone Online shop is an offer to purchase our Products and Services in accordance with these terms and conditions. We may accept your order by processing your payment and shipping the Product, or may, for any reason, decline to accept your order or any part of your order. No order shall be considered to be accepted by us until the Product has been despatched to you. If we decline to accept your order, we will attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you have provided with your order.

2.3 To make a purchase from the Vodafone Online shop on your own behalf:

a. You must be 18 years of age or over, or if you are under 18 years of age, you must have your parent or guardian's consent to make the purchase and enter into the terms and conditions applying to the purchase;

b. You must be either purchasing on your own behalf or authorised to purchase on behalf of another person;

c. Products you purchase must be delivered to an address in New Zealand; and

d. You must be buying for your own use and not for resale.

2.4 If you are purchasing on behalf of a company, association, partnership or other such entity ("Entity"):

a. you must be authorised to agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of the Entity;

b. you must be authorised by the Entity to make the purchase;

c. delivery of the product(s) ordered must be to the Entity's address in New Zealand;

d. you must be authorised to use the Entity's credit card used to make the purchase; and

e. references in these terms and conditions to "you" include the Entity (as defined above).

2.5 By purchasing from the Vodafone Online shop, you warrant that you meet the relevant conditions set out in clauses 2.3 and 2.4 above.

2.6 When making a purchase from the Vodafone Online shop, you must provide all required information (including your name, contact details, and credit card details) or we might not be able to process your order.

2.7 At our discretion, you may not be able to proceed with any purchase on the Vodafone Online shop which exceeds our current limits on volume or total value.

2.8 All orders are subject to the availability of Products. If for any reason a Product is not available, we will endeavour to notify the non-availability on the Vodafone Online shop.

2.9 Where Products or Services are listed on Vodafone Online shop with an incorrect price or with incorrect information, we reserve the right to cancel your order for those Products (regardless of whether you have made payment for that order). Where you have already made payment for an order that is subsequently cancelled by us, we will refund the amount paid by you in relation to that order.

2.10 Although we endeavour to accurately display and describe the colours of the Products, we do not guarantee the colour of any product delivered to you will exactly match the colour of any image of that Product on the Vodafone Online shop (as the colours displayed on your computer system or in printed form will vary).

3. Price and Payment

3.1 The price payable for Products or Services ordered by you shall be the price displayed on the Vodafone Online shop at the time your order is submitted (subject to clause 2.9 above), together with the applicable delivery charges. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all prices displayed on Vodafone Online shop are stated and payable in New Zealand dollars and include GST. All international purchases will be charged to your credit card at the exchange rate applicable at the time of purchase.

3.2 Products displayed on Vodafone Online shop, and their prices, are subject to change without notice.

4. Delivery & Title

4.1 We will endeavour to despatch your order within 1 business day once we have confirmed that we have accepted your order and received all amounts payable for your order. If we are unable to despatch your order within this time frame we will endeavour to contact you and advise you of the expected despatch date. We will endeavour to provide you with email confirmation of despatch within 24 hours of despatch.

4.2 Delivery costs will be added to the total order cost (if the order is $99 or under).

4.3 Deliveries are made by courier throughout New Zealand on a business day to business day basis. Once your order has been accepted, your order should be delivered the following business day. Although we will endeavour to meet delivery timeframes where possible, all delivery timeframes are estimates only and we will not be liable for any loss, expense, or other damage caused by any delay in delivery. We do not deliver to PO Box or Private Bag addresses.

4.4 Title to, and responsibility for, each Product you order from the Vodafone Online shop (excluding any software components, which are licensed only) passes to you when the Product is delivered to you.

4.5 Where you believe that incorrect Products have been delivered, you must contact us with any such claim within 7 days of delivery and you must provide us with a reasonable opportunity to investigate that claim.

5. "Change of Mind" guarantee

5.1 Vodafone's Change of Mind guarantee entitles you to an Online Shop credit for the purchase price of your Products (excluding any delivery charges) if you are not satisfied with them for any reason provided that:

a. you can call us on the number shown in clause 7.2 to arrange for the return of your Products within 7 business days of receiving your purchase. We will send you a return form with instructions on how to return your products. You must return the Products, at your cost by Tracked Courier bag, to us within 10 business days of us of receiving the returns form.

b. if your purchase is a handset/device, it is in "as new" condition, in its original packaging, and you have not used it for more than 10 minutes of airtime or to send and receive more than 10MB of data;

c. if your purchase is a SIMcard pack either in a bundle with a handset or separately, it has not been removed from its "casing"; and

d. you otherwise comply with the terms and conditions relating to the return of Products set out in clause 7.

5.2 You will be responsible for paying for any shipping charges required in order to return the Products to us under this Change of Mind guarantee.

5.3 Mobile Broadband Change of Mind - If you decide that Mobile Broadband is not for you due to coverage issues, you can return your Vodafone Vodem stick, Vodafone Mobile Connect card or Netbook by calling us on 0800 837 867 within 14 business days of receiving your goods to arrange for it to be returned.

Once you return your goods, we will cancel your contract and refund the 1st month's access charge you may have incurred during that time, plus if applicable, refund the purchase price of your modem.

Any hardware must be returned in full working order in an "as new" condition, in its original packaging (including the Vodafone SIM card). Any unused credit on your account will be forfeited. The Mobile Broadband Happiness Guarantee only applies to new Mobile Broadband connections to the Vodafone 3G network.

6. Liability and warranties

6.1 We will meet our responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, subject to clause 6.2 if you are purchasing the Product for the purposes of a business. Without limiting our responsibilities to consumers, our warranties, guarantees, and liability to you in connection with your use of the Vodafone Online shop and your purchase or use of the Products are limited and excluded as described in our website terms and conditions, On Account Terms and Conditions or Prepay Terms and Conditions as appropriate.

6.2 If you are purchasing the Product for the purposes of a business, you agree that the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply, and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, our liability to you, or anyone claiming through you, will be limited at all times to the purchase price of the Product to which your claim relates.

7. Returns

7.1 You may return a Product to us:

a. in accordance with our Change of Mind guarantee as set out in clause 5 above; or

b. where the Product fails to work upon delivery to you as a result of a manufacturing defect or if the Consumer Guarantees Act is otherwise relevant (an "Out Of Box Failure") provided that you have followed all of the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for the configuration and initial use of that Product.

7.2 If you wish to return a Product to us under clause 7.1, then (without limiting our responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees Act) you must call us on 0800 837 867 within 7 business days of receiving the Product to arrange for it to be returned.

7.3 If we accept your returns claim for an Out of Box Failure, we will pay the courier costs of returning the Product to us.

7.4 Any outstanding call or data credit on any Product you return to us through either our Change of Mind guarantee or an Out of Box Failure return is not transferable.

7.5 Products returned through the Change of Mind guarantee or an Out of Box Failure return will only be accepted by us if:

a. you return the Product with your warranty receipt, order number, and the completed Change of Mind guarantee returns form or an Out of Box Failure returns form.

b. except for any relevant Out of Box Failure, the Product has not been damaged (for example, liquid or impact damage);

c. except for any relevant Out of Box Failure, the Product is returned in "as new" condition in accordance with clause 5.1(b) above, together with all original packaging and accessories; and

d. you comply with the instructions you receive from us.

7.6 All Products you wish to return to us remain at your risk until they are delivered to Vodafone or Vodafone's agent.

7.7 If we accept your claim for an Out of Box Failure return, then in relation to Products other than the Apple iPhone, and according to your instructions on the Out of Box Failure returns form, we will replace the Product or reimburse the credit card account through which your purchase was originally processed and, where relevant, meet any responsibilities we have under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Apple iPhones subject to an Out of Box Failure claim will be sent by us for warranty servicing by the manufacturer, who will repair or replace the Product in terms of their warranty at their discretion. We will meet our relevant responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees Act. For the avoidance of doubt, our Change of Mind guarantee entitles you solely to a reimbursement of the purchase price of the Product (excluding any delivery charges).

7.8 If your Out of Box Failure or Change of Mind guarantee claim is denied for any reason (for example, if your Product has sustained impact or other damage that we are not responsible for), we will return that Product to you without replacement or refund.

7.9 All applications and data (including ringtones, messages, games, and contacts) may be irretrievably lost as a result of any repair or replacement. Accordingly, when returning any Products to us, you shall be solely responsible for backing up all messages, contacts, settings, and other data that may be stored in that Product. Neither Vodafone, nor Vodafone's agents, shall be responsible or liable for the loss of any applications or data that you may suffer as a result of any repair or replacement.

7.10 For all warranty repair requests and enquiries, please call us on 0800 837 867 for further instructions. All warranty repair requests sent by us to the manufacturer will be in accordance with the manufacturer's warranties, and will be subject to any exclusions, limitations, and other conditions set out therein. We will meet our relevant responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

8. Privacy

8.1 We will comply with our Privacy Policy (displayed separately on our website) and you accept this policy as governing our use of the personal information we receive about you as an individual.

9. General

9.1 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time by publishing the changed terms on the Vodafone Online shop. When revised terms and conditions are published on the Vodafone Online shop, all orders submitted by you after the revised terms and conditions are published shall be subject to the terms and conditions as revised.

9.2 If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall, to the maximum extent possible, remain in full force and effect.

9.3 We shall not be liable to you for any delay or non-performance of our contractual obligations to the extent that such delay or non-performance is caused by an event or circumstance which is outside our reasonable control.

9.4 You shall be solely responsible for obtaining any necessary permits under (and for compliance with) all legislation, regulations, by-laws and rules that apply to the use of any Products you purchase from us.

9.5 These terms and conditions (and any orders to/from the Vodafone Online shop) shall be governed by the laws of New Zealand and the courts of New Zealand shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions (and any orders from the Vodafone Online shop).

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