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Terms and Conditions for Vodafone Net Perform

Vodafone Net Perform

Terms and Conditions

This application collects information about the way your phone interacts with our network and services as described on this page. We hold this data securely and anonymously for 14 months, which lets us view and plan for seasonal variations of network use.

Speed Test

Please note that depending on the tariff, charges may apply – View data volume under “Network”. Since each individual measurement is influenced by various factors, results from the actual achievable speed may vary so we recommend you to test more often and on different time points.

Network coverage*

This application will capture statistics about your connectivity for phone calls. This allows us to diagnose connectivity or connection quality problems and make improvements to our network in your area. We log:

  • the percentage of time your phone is on the network
  • the cell ID and location of the phone masts used and how you move between them, when your phone is active
  • signal strength
  • areas of limited or no service
  • quality of the coverage (2G, 3G, 4G)

Internet connectivity*

This application will capture statistics about your connectivity for internet or data coverage. This allows us to diagnose connectivity or connection quality problems and improve the data network in your area. We log:

  • every hour, a test of whether you can connect to the internet
  • the cell ID and location of the phone masts used and how you move between them, when your phone is active
  • signal strength
  • areas of limited or no service
  • quality of the coverage (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • how long it takes to set up a connection to the internet
  • Wi-Fi connection quality
  • MAC addresses of the Wi-Fi hot spots your device can see, and how congested they are

Call quality and usage*

The success or failure of your calling experience can be diagnosed using technical details about the network, your coverage, or your phone’s signal quality during a call. This helps us improve all aspects of your calling experience. We log:

  • the cell ID and location of the phone masts serving your incoming and outgoing calls and other masts used if you change location during the call
  • signal strength
  • call duration
  • how the call ends
  • quality of the coverage (2G, 3G, 4G)

Data usage*

So that we can diagnose the overall usage of the internet data use on different phone models we capture information about how much you or your device use internet services and consume data. This helps us improve device and network data efficiency for you and other customers based on real world data usage. We log:

  • hourly data use
  • how much data your phone uses when it's in standby mode
  • how much data goes over Wi-Fi connections vs. the cellular network


So that we can identify trends in data usage that help us allocate capacity for data heavy applications in your area, we assess the data use of the applications on your phone.
We log:

  • what apps are installed on your phone
  • what apps are started each day
  • how long they are used
  • how much data and how fast each app receives and transmits

Device Information

So that we can evaluate the performance of different devices on our network and diagnose phone-related problems and diagnose the overall health of your phone, we log:

  • phone brand and model
  • IMEI number, encrypted and masked making it unidentifiable and anonymous
  • operating system
  • firmware version
  • hardware capabilities
  • language and locale
  • battery state
  • memory consumption
  • time since last reboot


When we measure the items above related to coverage and usage, we know your rough location from the phone mast or Wi-Fi hot spot your phone is using. When your phone or one of your apps is using GPS location data, we use that to assess location more precisely and sometimes speed if available with GPS information. This enables us to identify areas of weak coverage and determine whether poor performance might be caused by movement. This information will be used to improve poor performance for you and fellow customers.

Anonymisation of information

The network and device improvements that this application is designed for do not require personal information. This means we do not log personal information, all network data is anonymised by the application before it is sent to Vodafone.

  • This app does not log your phone number
  • This app does not log numbers you dial or that dial you
  • This app does not log any content of your communications
  • This app does not log content, sender or receiver information of text messages on your device
  • This app does not log the names of the Wi-Fi hot spots used

*Applicable to Android devices only

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