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Terms - My Flex Prepay

My Flex Prepay

Terms and Conditions

  •  ‘MyFlex $19’ and ‘MyFlex $29’ are pre-set configurations of ‘My Flex Prepay’. When referring to ‘My Flex Prepay’ in these terms and conditions, it also applies to ‘MyFlex $19’ and ‘MyFlex $29’ plans.
  • You’ll need to activate your Vodafone My Flex Prepay SIM online.
  • Minutes, data and TXTs in your Vodafone My Flex Prepay plan last for 28 days.
  • When you sign up or design a Vodafone My Flex Prepay plan, you get to keep your mins, TXTs and data for the lifetime of the plan. If you repurchase or redesign you might lose the value when the price changes.
  • If you move from an existing Vodafone Prepay plan to My Flex Prepay, you will lose any data and minutes including carry over from your previous plan.
  • Any unused credit expires after 360 days.
  • You can carry over up to 500 unused minutes and up to 3.5GB of unused data when your plan renews. TXTs cannot be carried over.
  • Carry over minutes and data last for up to 360 days so long as you don’t use them up and keep your Vodafone My Flex Prepay plan active.
  • If you have enough credit, your plan will automatically renew on your renewal date with the same data, minutes and TXTs as your previous month unless you have redesigned your plan. If you don't have enough credit, your plan will go on hold until you top up and any unused minutes and data will be lost.
  • You can redesign your plan at any time in My Vodafone and then either ‘save changes’ for your next plan renewal or ‘buy now’ to start your new plan immediately. If you choose ‘buy now’ you’ll lose any unused minutes and data including carry over.
  • You can design your plan up until 10pm of the night your plan is due to renew.
  • If you use up all your minutes, data or TXTs before your renewal date, or if your plan is on hold, you’ll be charged at a casual rate for any data, calls and TXT you make.
  • You can cancel your plan in My Vodafone at any time. This means your plan will not be renewed on the renewal date and any calls and TXTs you make, or data that you use after the renewal date will be charged at casual rates.
  • Unlimited TXTs are intended to be used for personal TXTs to standard NZ and standard Oz numbers. Unlimited TXTs cannot be used if you’re roaming overseas. Non-standard TXTs can include and are not limited to premium TXTs and fundraising short-codes.
  • Included minutes are to standard landline and mobile numbers in NZ and Australia. Calls made using any of the following services will be charged at standard rates, and deducted from your Prepay balance: international numbers, special or premium numbers (e.g. 0900), voice services (e.g. 018, voicemail), data calls and usage, video calling and roaming services.
  • Vodafone Prepay Terms and Conditions apply.
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