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Terms - Family Add-On

Family Add-On

Terms and Conditions

Vodafone Family allows up to four Vodafone customers on nominated Vodafone numbers (a Vodafone Family Group) to call, video call and TXT each other as much as they like within New Zealand on those numbers. In these terms and conditions we call a customer who buys and forms a Vodafone Family Group a Group Owner, and members of the Vodafone Family Group other than the Group Owner are called Group Members.


  1. The Group Owner and Group Members must be on an eligible Vodafone plan
    Neither the Group Owner nor Group Members may belong to more than one Vodafone Family Group at a time.


  1. Vodafone Family applies only to calls, video calls and TXTs within the Vodafone Family Group within New Zealand. It excludes international calls/video calls/TXTs, roaming calls/TXTs, call transfers, PXTs, web2TXT, calls to premium rate numbers, Vodafone voicemail, and all data transfers other than TXT messages.
  2. Calls, video calls and TXTs within the Vodafone Family Group will not use minutes or TXTs included in the personal price plans of the Group Owner or Group Members.

Set up

  1. The Group Owner must obtain the consent of Group Members before adding them to a Vodafone Family Group, and must ensure that each Group Member is aware of these Vodafone Family terms and conditions.
  2. The Group Owner must provide accurate details of nominated Vodafone numbers to be included in their Vodafone Family Group. If inaccurate details are provided and an incorrect number added to the Vodafone Family Group, the Group Owner must inform us as soon as possible and we will correct it. Standard charges will apply until the correction is effected.
  3. The Group Owner must provide either a mobile number or an email address for any group member who has a GN (landline) numbers. This is so Family notifications can be sent to members with landline numbers.
  4. We will notify Group Owners when their Vodafone Family Group is active, and Group Members when they are added to a Vodafone Family Group. We aim to have Vodafone Family set up in five working days.

Charges and Billing

  1. Vodafone Family will be charged to the Group Owner from the date of activation, monthly in advance. The Group Owner's monthly bills will include the $20 monthly charge and a summary of the Group Owner's call, video call and TXT records to Group Members.
  2. If Vodafone Family is activated part way through the Group Owner's billing month, we will pro rate the charge on the first monthly bill. Vodafone Family can be cancelled at any time. A request to cancel may take up to five working days to process. Any unused amount of the Vodafone Family monthly fee remaining until the end of the billing month will be refunded from the time the request to cancel is processed.
  3. On Account Group Members' monthly bills will include a summary of the calls, video calls and TXTs they make to other Vodafone Family Group members.


  1. If the Group Owner ceases to be a Vodafone customer, transfers his/her number, changes his/her number, switches to an ineligible plan, or deactivates or suspends his/her account, we will cancel his/her Vodafone Family Group immediately. We will inform the Group Owner and Group Members that the Vodafone Family Group has been cancelled. The Group Owner will be refunded any unused amount of the Vodafone Family monthly fee remaining until the end of the billing month, from the time the request to cancel is processed .Standard rates will apply from the date of cancellation.
  2. If a Group Member ceases to be a Vodafone customer, transfers his/her number, changes his/her number, switches to an ineligible plan, or deactivates his/her account, they will be removed from their Vodafone Family Group.
  3. The Group Owner can add, remove or change a Group Member at any time but the Group Owner must obtain the consent of a Vodafone customer before adding him/her to the Vodafone Family Group and must ensure that he/she is aware of these Vodafone Family terms and conditions.
  4. Group Members can remove themselves from a Vodafone Family Group at any time.
  5. When a Vodafone Family Add-On is cancelled, or membership of a Vodafone Family Group changes, we will notify the Vodafone Family Group of the cancellation or changes, and advise the Family Group that standard rates will now apply to calls and texts to former Vodafone Family Group members.
  6. Vodafone standard connection Terms and Conditions apply.


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