Direct Debit

Terms and Conditions

Note: These terms apply from your January 2019 payment date. See the previous terms here.

Specific conditions relating to notices and disputes:
1) I agree that the Initiator must give me at least 10 days’ prior notice of each direct debit, including the first direct debit in a series.

2) Changes to the amounts or dates of a series of direct debits require 30 days’ prior notice to me.

3) I can also agree with the Initiator to receive a same day notice for direct debits specifically requested by me.
4) All notices must be in writing, but can be delivered electronically, if I have agreed that with the Initiator.

5) I can also ask you to reverse a direct debit up to 120 days after the direct debit if:
• I didn’t receive proper notice of the amount and date of the direct debit, or
• I received notice but the amount or date of the direct debit is different from the amount or date on the notice.

6) If I dishonour a direct debit but the Initiator retries it within 5 business days of the original direct debit, I understand that the Initiator doesn’t need to notify me again about that direct debit.

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