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Wireless modem with connection Terms and Conditions

Business Fixed Free wireless modem & connection

Terms and Conditions

  • You will receive a FREE Vodafone Station ADSL wireless modem and connection when you sign up to a Vodafone Business fixed broadband plan while promotional stocks last ("the Offer").
  • The Offer includes:
  • A FREE Vodafone Station wireless modem is supplied to you worth $149. A free standard broadband connection (worth $101.20). Additional wiring charges that may apply if you have more than 5 phone lines, a PBX phone system, a monitored alarm or live in a rural area.
  • The Offer is only available to customers who sign up to a Vodafone Business fixed broadband plan and who is not currently a Vodafone Business Broadband customer.
  • If you need to get a phone line up and running (but there has previously been a working phone in the house) a connection fee of $50.06 will apply.
  • If a new phone line needs to be connected at a location where a phone line has not previously been active, the price will depend on the location and work required.
  • If you move house and want to retain your broadband and/or home phone connection and continue with this offer, you will be required to pay a $101.20 reconnection fee for your broadband connection and $50.06 for your home phone connection, as long as there is an active phone line that was previously working at the new location. If a new phone line needs to be connected at the new address because a phone line has not previously been active, the price will depend on the location and work required.
  • Make and model of the supplied hardware may vary based on available promotional stock and standard hardware returns and refunds policy applies.
  • This offer cannot be exchanged for credits if you don’t take the offer or hardware.
  • Vodafone reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.
  • The Offer terms are in addition to any Vodafone Business broadband terms and conditions, and Vodafone’s Business Terms.


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