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    Archived Terms - Wireless Broadband

    Note: These terms apply to new customers before 3 September 2018. If you signed up after this date, you can find your older terms here.

    For Basic Home - 12 month term customers, you can find your terms here.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. These terms and conditions are in addition to our Consumer terms, which also apply.
    2. A one month minimum term applies to Vodafone Home Wireless Broadband services.

    Installation and equipment

    1. Home Wireless Broadband requires a Vodafone Home Wireless Broadband modem.
    2. The Home Wireless Broadband service is only available in 4G coverage areas with sufficient capacity. 4G coverage is not available everywhere. Contact Vodafone for details of 4G coverage and capacity in your area.
    3. Installation of the Home Wireless Broadband modem can be performed by customers using the instructions provided with the modem.
    4. Once the Home Wireless Broadband modem has been activated, a customer can contact us if they are having issues. We can then perform additional checks to test whether there is sufficient coverage for the service to work. If there is insufficient coverage the customer can return the product in accordance with the terms of our 30 Day Network Guarantee.
    5. The modem contains a SIM card. You may not use this SIM card in any other device. It remains our property and you must return it to Vodafone on request.
    6. Once installed, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the Home Wireless Broadband modem.
    1. You can only use your Home Wireless Broadband modem at the location you specify when you sign up for Home Wireless Broadband. The reason for this is that Vodafone needs to manage the network to ensure that it provides Vodafone customers with a reliable and consistent service. If we identify that you have used the modem at any address other than the specified location, Vodafone may terminate this agreement at its sole discretion.
    1. If you would like to use the Home Wireless Broadband modem in another location, please call Customer Services who will let you know whether or not that is possible.
    1. If you are moving to a location outside our current Home Wireless Broadband coverage area, you will need to terminate your contract with us. Early termination charges may apply.
    1. The Home Wireless Broadband modem requires mains power. In the event of a power failure, service will not be available, including home phone calling to emergency services.


    1. If you choose a 12 month minimum term, early termination charges and plan transfer fees may apply unless otherwise stated. Early termination charges on a 12 month minimum term are set out below.
    Months Remaining ofCustomer's Minimum TermEarly Termination Fee for Home WirelessBroadband Customer
    Exc GSTInc GST
    12 to 4 months remaining$173.04$199.00
    3 to 1 months remaining$86.09$99.00

    1. If you choose a 1 month minimum term, you accept that if you leave within 12 months, you will need to return the Home Wireless Broadband modem, or be charged a $249 modem fee.
    1. Data usage is measured in 10KB blocks, rounded upwards at the end of a data session or every 20 minutes, whichever comes first.
    1. Usage outside of your data bundle allocation is charged at $20 for 15GB.
    1. Any unused data within a monthly data bundle will not be carried forward to the following month.
    2. We reserve the right to manage traffic at peak times to improve the overall performance and experience among our customers. In particular, we reserve the right to prioritise specific types of traffic over other traffic at times of congestion (and for limited time periods) where we consider there will be significant customer interest in the specific type of traffic and prioritisation is necessary to ensure customers receive an acceptable experience.
    1. The Home Wireless Broadband service excludes activities such as auto dialling, telemarketing, call centres, and using Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs).
    2. The Home Wireless Broadband service is not able to be used as a gateway server.
    3. Your first bill will include part month charges plus a month in advance.

    Home Wireless Broadband and Calling only

    1. Calling over Home Wireless Broadband requires mains power and broadband coverage to operate. If power is not available (e.g. during a power outage) broadband and any services which run over it, including voice calling through your home phone, which includes calls to Emergency 111 services may stop working unless you have battery backup in your home.
    2. If you have a monitored home alarm or medical alarm, you’ll need to check with your alarm company whether your alarm needs to be upgraded (or reset) from one that uses a traditional phone line to one that will work over mobile or broadband.
    3. Other services that require a traditional phone line to work, such as fax machines or the interactive features of Sky Digital are currently incompatible with Home Wireless Broadband.
    4. If you wish to port your existing phone number to your Home Wireless Broadband and Calling plan it will take up to 7 days to complete. The port will occur up to 7 days after the installation. Until the port is completed your existing phone service will continue to work and you will be billed for this period. You may be charged early termination fees or other charges by your existing service provider. Once the port is completed both your Home Wireless Broadband and Calling will be activated.
    1. Local landline calls are included in the calling bundle.
    2. National landline calls are included in the calling bundle. For details of standard calling rates please go to https://www.vodafone.co.nz/broadband/phone-calling-rates/
    1. National mobile calls are charged at 39c per minute.
    2. Calls are included for up to two hours at any time. Calls in excess of the two hour per call cap will be charged on a per minute basis thereafter in accordance with your calling plan. If you have chosen a Calling Add-On, calls not included in your Calling Add-On will be charged at the standard per minute rate.
    1. If you are calling an overseas mobile (unless a special mobile rate is listed) it will cost the same as the per-minute rate for that destination.
    2. There is a one minute minimum charge for all Home Wireless Broadband calls. Thereafter, your call will be charged by the second.
    1. Special numbers, 0900, 059, 0161, directory assisted calls, calling card access numbers, audio conferencing calls, will be charged at the applicable per minute rate of your calling plan.
    2. Calling features are billed on a monthly basis in advance on your billing cycle. If you cancel these services part way through the month you will still be billed to the end of your billing cycle.
    3. If you choose to purchase a voicemail service, you are responsible for changing the PIN from the preset number and setting your own PIN access for the voicemail service. You must also pay for any charges incurred as a result, whether or not you reset the PIN access. In the interests of others, we must limit the number and duration of messages that can be left on your voicemail service.

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