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Interest Free Payments

Terms, Conditions and Availability (6 May 2016 to 27 March 2019)

These terms and conditions apply to customers who signed up to Interest Free Payment from 6 May 2016 to 27 March 2019.

If you signed up to Interest Free Payment between 11 May 2020 and 25 November 2020, you can find your IFP terms here.

If you signed up to Interest Free Payment after 25 November 2020, you can find your IFP terms here.

  1. Interest Free Payment is only available for sale with selected Consumer On Account plans:
  • Advantage
  • Advantage Lite plans
  • Connect plans
  • Connect Plus plans
  • Consumer Red Sharer - 1 Month
  • Consumer Red Sharer Promo - 1 Month
  • On Account Entry - open term
  • Red plans
  • Red Essentials plans
  • Red Lite plans
  • Red Share Tablet 1 month
  • Red Share Tablet Promo 1 month
  • Red Super plans
  • Starter plans
  • Unlimited plans (On Account Connect)
  1. Interest Free Payment is only available if you are a new or re-signing customer.
  2. Only one Interest Free Payment per eligible plan is allowed.
  3. You must be at least 18 years of age to take advantage of Interest Free Payment.
  4. We can amend the device deposit amount that you will be charged or specify the payment method you must use, but will advise you of this amount or payment method prior to purchase.
  5. If you have selected Interest Free Payment as an option, you will pay either 12 or 24 consecutive monthly payments depending on the option you chose at sign up which will appear as a charge on your monthly invoice.
  6. The number of months you will pay cannot be changed once Interest Free Payment has been provisioned for your choice of 12 or 24 months.
  7. The Interest Free Payment amount will depend on the RRP of the eligible device selected.
  8. Interest Free Payment is only available on selected devices. Vodafone reserves the right to amend this from time to time but will advise customers of this prior to purchase.
  9. Not available with New Phone Every Year plan.
  10. Account Suspensions are not allowed.
  11. Only available through selected Vodafone channels.
  12. Excludes accessories.
  13. Not available on Business (Enterprise) plans.
  14. Not transferable between customers.
  15. You remain liable for the Interest Free Payment if you lose your device or if your account is barred for any reason.
  16. You agree that you will repay the outstanding amount due on remaining Interest Free Payments in full, prior to terminating or ending your eligible plan or transferring or re-signing. The outstanding amount is determined by the device recommended retail price at time Interest Free Payment was provisioned – (deposit + any Interest Free Payment paid to Vodafone + any device rebate amount, if applicable). Early termination and transfer fees also apply to any Red+ 24 month plan.
  17. For devices sold with an Interest Free discount, the Full RRP of the device (including discount) must be repaid if you exit, transfer or trade-down your plan before 24 months.
  18. The deposit and Interest Free Payments do not include any capitalised interest. The total of these payments reflects the “lowest price” payable for the device selected for tax purposes.
  19. Vodafone reserves the right to review all Interest Free Payment amounts that have been added to customer accounts. If an incorrect Interest Free Payment charge has been applied, we will contact you before applying the correct Interest Free Payment amount.
  20. Vodafone reserves the right to remove Interest Free Payment from market without notice.
  21. Vodafone Consumer Terms and Mobile Terms and Conditions apply.

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