Free Ultra fast broadband (cable) for 6 months

Terms and Conditions

  • Free Ultra fast broadband (cable) for 6 months offer only available to new broadband customers with an existing connection to Vodafone’s ultra fast broadband cable network.
  • Customers need to sign up to 80GB Ultra fast broadband (cable 100/10), home phone and a Vodafone TV with SKY Basic package, all on a new 24 month term.
  • Offer only applies to the Ultra fast broadband service.  Customers will be required to pay for the home phone and Vodafone TV with SKY. 
  • Ultra fast broadband costs $65 per month outside free period.
  • 24 month term and early termination fee of $199 applies.
  • Customers can sign up to Unlimited Ultra fast broadband (cable 100/10), instead of 80GB Ultra fast broadband, for an extra $20 per month, but will still only get the 80GB plan discount of $65 per month for the first 6 months.  An additional cost of $65 per month will apply outside the free period.  Unlimited Broadband terms and conditions apply.
  • Ultra fast broadband (cable) and SKY not available everywhere.
  • Offer available until 31 January 2015.
  • Vodafone TV with SKY customers receive free use of Vodafone TV digital recorder every month (normally $15 per month).
  • A $399 charge may be applied if the Vodafone TV digital recorder is unreturned to Vodafone or damaged beyond reuse.
  • HD access requires HD capable TV and you must subscribe to HD channels.

Residential Broadband TV and Fixed Line Terms and Conditions apply.