iPhone prices - the range and model numbers

Pricing for iPhone models.

Pricing for current iPhone models.

Apple announced the new iPhone SE on March 8, 2021 (NZ Time). iPhone SE (Gen 3) had an official release date of March 18, 2022.

There are four new models in the iPhone 13 range of phones, including iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
You can order yours now, following the pre order period that began on Saturday September 18, 2021.
iPhone 13 mini prices start at $1,249, and the NZ model number is A2628.
iPhone 13 prices start at $1,429, and the NZ model number is A2633.
iPhone 13 Pro prices start at $1,799, and the NZ model number is A2638.
iPhone 13 Pro Max prices start at $1,999, and the NZ model number is A2643.

The official NZ release date for iPhone 13 was September 24, for all four models.
The iPhone 13 range of phones are all 5G capable, as is the iPhone 12 range.
See our range of Apple cases like the iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe case.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 is priced, starting from NZ$1,249, as a special price offer. It features the A14 Bionic chip, and comes with 5G capability.
5G Band n78 is used for 5G in the 3.5GHz frequency range.
The model number for iPhone 12, sold in NZ, is A2399.

iPhone 11 is now priced at $779* and stock is variable. Please check in-store if this model is not available online.

Phone nameModel numberCapacityRRPPrice
iPhone 13 miniA2628128GB iPhone 13 mini$1,249$1,249
256GB iPhone 13 mini$1,449$1,449
512GB iPhone 13 mini$1,849$1,849
iPhone 13A2633128GB iPhone 13$1,429$1,429
256GB iPhone 13$1,629$1,629
512GB iPhone 13$2,029$2,029
iPhone 13 ProA2638128GB iPhone 13 Pro$1,799$1,799
256GB iPhone 13 Pro$1,999$1,999
512GB iPhone 13 Pro$2,399$2,399
1TB iPhone 13 Pro$2,799$2,799
iPhone 13 Pro MaxA2643128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max$1,999$1,999
256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max$2,199$2,199
512GB iPhone 13 Pro Max$2,599$2,599
1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max$2,999$2,999
iPhone SE (Gen 3 - 2022)A278364GB iPhone SE Gen 3$799$799
128GB iPhone SE Gen 3$899$899
256GB iPhone SE - Gen 3$1099$1099
iPhone 12 miniA240364GB iPhone 12 mini - No longer available.$1,349-
128GB iPhone 12 mini - No longer available.$1,149-
256GB iPhone 12 mini - No longer available.$1,649-
iPhone 12A239964GB iPhone 12$1,499$1,199 *
128GB iPhone 12$1,599$1,299 *
256GB iPhone 12 - No longer available.$1,799-
iPhone 12 ProA2407128GB iPhone 12 Pro - No longer available.$1,899-
256GB iPhone 12 Pro - No longer available.$2,099-
512GB iPhone 12 Pro - No longer available.$2,499-
iPhone 12 Pro MaxA2411128GB iPhone 12 Pro Max - No longer available.$2,099-
256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max - No longer available.$2,299-
512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max - No longer available.$2,699-
iPhone 11A222164GB iPhone 11$1,129$779 *
128GB iPhone 11 - No longer available.$1,229-
256GB iPhone 11 - No longer available.$1,649-
iPhone 11 ProA221564GB iPhone 11 Pro - No longer available.$1,799-
256GB iPhone 11 Pro - No longer available.$2,099-
iPhone 11 Pro MaxA221864GB iPhone 11 Pro Max - No longer available.$1,999-
256GB iPhone 11 Pro Max - No longer available.$2,299-

AirPods Pro are priced at $449.
AirPods (Gen 3) with MagSafe charging case are priced at $329.
Apple's MagSafe charger is priced at $69.
Apple's AirTag is priced from $55.
The Apple HomePod mini is priced at $159.

* This price indicates a time limited offer.

Some older iPhone models may no longer available.

iPhone 7 and iPhone XR are no longer available to buy - you might consider iPhone 11 as an option. It has a 6.1 inch screen and memory capacity of 64GB or 128GB. At just $779 iPhone 11 is the lowest priced iPhone available to buy.

Phone nameModel numberCapacityRRPPrice
iPhone SE (2020)A229664GB iPhone SE Generation 2 - No longer available$749-
A2296128GB iPhone SE Generation 2 - No longer available$849-
A2296256GB iPhone SE - Generation 2 - No longer available.$1,049-
iPhone XSA209764GB iPhone XS - No longer available.$1,899-
iPhone XS MaxA210164GB iPhone XS Max - No longer available.$2,099-
iPhone XRA201564GB iPhone XR - No longer available.$949-
iPhone XA1865 - MQA52X/A64GB iPhone X - No longer available.$1,699-
iPhone 8A186364GB iPhone 8 - No longer available.$869-
256GB iPhone 8 - No longer available.$1,169-
iPhone 8 PlusA186464GB iPhone 8 Plus - No longer available.$1,049-
A1864256GB iPhone 8 Plus - No longer available.$1,349-
iPhone 7A177832GB iPhone 7 - No longer available.$599-
A1778128GB iPhone 7 - No longer available.$799-
iPhone 7 PlusA178432GB iPhone 7 Plus - No longer available.$839-
A1784128GB iPhone 7 Plus - No longer available.$1,039-
iPhone 6SA1688No longer available.$549-
iPhone 6S PlusA1687No longer available.--
iPhone 6A1586No longer available.$449-
iPhone 6 PlusA1524No longer available.--
iPhone 5sA1530No longer available.--

The history of iPhone in New Zealand.

It was just after midnight on July 11, 2008 when Apple first introduced iPhone to New Zealand, with the iPhone 3G model.
The very first iPhone 3G was sold to a student, from Vodafone's retail store on Queen street, in Auckland. the iPhone 3G model worked on GSM technology and Vodafone was the only GSM network available in New Zealand at that time.
July 10, 2009 would see the next model of iPhone introduced by Apple, model iPhone 3GS, where the "S" part of the model name signified Speed.

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