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Creating a thoughtful, smarter and sustainable New Zealand

The Customer and the Challenge

Smart Technology to Improve Public Safety, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Smart City is leading the shift towards cities of the future by using smart technology to improve public safety, energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life. They use smart devices to capture and report real-time data about people around our cities. The work that they do and the Smart City technologies that they provide are fast becoming essential to the communities that use them, to transform the way they live and work.

Transforming cities into technology-enhanced urban areas

Smart City was established to help towns and cities achieve their community and business outcomes. They believe things can and should be done smarter – but not with a quick fix. This is achieved by taking a long-term approach with local government & commercial clients, working closely together to understand how they can help them be more effective, efficient, and get things done more easily in their own local context.

They currently offer solutions in waste, transport, connected communities and dashboarding.

  • SmartWaste
  • SmartTraf
  • SmartBench

Managing our waste streams in a smarter way yields powerful results

Smart City has partnered with Mr. Fill, the new solution for waste collection in Smart Cities. Smart City’s SmartWaste offering cuts rubbish collection costs while reducing litter and pollution thanks to it’s solar-powered internal self compacting system.

The bins used have a compacting force of 600kg – meaning regardless of the type of rubbish in the bin, the compaction ratio is 1:5 – 1:7 (5 to 7 times the amount of rubbish). This means the bins are emptied 5 to 7 times less – resulting in a reduction in operational carbon emissions and operational expenditure.

Solar Powered Urban Furniture for Smart and Sustainable Cities

The SmartBench is transforming cities using new multifunctional Smart City infrastructure allowing people to charge devices and get connected.

The bench is solar powered and provides a Wifi Hot Spot and wireless charging.

The environmental sensors in the bench provide various environmental insights allowing councils to track the health of streets using real time and historical data. Analyze patterns and take measures to improve the air quality down to individual street level.

The previously unavailable insights generated via smart infrastructure will enables councils to work towards more efficient and sustainable operational models.

Learn more about what Smart City do here:

How we helped them

Our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform simplifies IoT management

Our Managed IoT connectivity platform gives Smart City visibility and control of their IoT devices anywhere within New Zealand. It can track the location of any SIM installed in an asset, alert them to unusual activity, produce reports on performance and data usage, activate new SIMs and manage them through their lifecycle.

The IoT Managed Platform allows Smart City to be more efficient in their managing their deployment of Smart Bins and Benches solution across New Zealand.

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