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Helping New Zealand achieve clean, swimmable oceans, rivers and streams

The Customer and the Challenge

Experts in Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

Riverwatch is helping New Zealand achieve clean, swimmable oceans, rivers and streams by providing a network of real-time water quality information.

Riverwatch are committed to enhancing water for the generations to come.

With Knowledge Comes Power to Make Changes in Water Quality

“RiverWatch is the next generation of water quality monitoring, providing an easier, smarter way to gather water data. An innovative, compact device, using the latest in remote sensing technology and IoT networks, its deliver’s real time data straight to your phone.

And with knowledge comes power, to make targeted changes to improve our country’s declining freshwater quality, for the future of our next generations.”

Founded in response to the growing water quality crisis, the RiverWatch mission is to help New Zealand understand and manage water quality.

Their water quality data collection empowers the nation to understand people’s integral connection with our water quality.

RiverWatch is the data centre for organisations, companies, governments, and individuals committed to monitoring our waterways.

Revolutionizing the water quality industry

The RiverWatch Waka is a complete freshwater and saltwater monitoring solution equipped with industry-leading features, making water quality monitoring affordable, robust, and efficient.

RiverWatch remotely samples water quality every 15 minutes, sending valuable data back via Vodafone’s NB-IoT network, using Artificial Intelligence and providing essential information and alerts in real-time.

How we helped them

Connecting with the next generation Internet of Things technology using Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT)

NB-IoT is well suited for applications sending small amounts of data across long distances using low bandwidth, such as RiverWatch water quality monitoring solution.

NB- IoT requires very little power for devices to connect so it’s great for battery powered devices such as RiverWatch’s Waka and Signal Mate

Vodafone continues to expand IoT across Aotearoa

In conjunction with the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG), Narrowband Internet of Things (Nb-IoT) Is now available for Vodafone NZ customers across more of rural New Zealand.

Building on its existing 4G/5G coverage, Vodafone NZ expect to see continued increase in geographic land coverage using NB-IoT and the Broadband Initiative 2 (RBI2) program. This will provide IoT connectivity to products and solutions where connectivity was previously impossible or expensive.

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