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Levno helps farmers - it's that simple

The Customer and the Challenge

Farming smarter with actionable data and key insights

Lenvo is a leader in farm monitoring in New Zealand and provides monitoring for Milk Vats, Fuel Tanks, Water Levels, Effluent Irrigation and Feed Levels.

Back in 2012, Levno started as a team of two offering farmers increased visibility of their on-farm fuel usage.

They have now grown to a team of over 60, who are the leaders in on-farm monitoring.

On the cutting edge of Agritech, Levno is a multi-award winning and innovative company and one of the leading Internet of Things companies in New Zealand.

Helping New Zealand Farmers to drive better outcomes

Levno helps farmers - it’s that simple. They set out to provide farmers with actionable insights so they can make better informed decisions for their farming business.

As an example, Levno for Milk gives farmers real-time information about their milk vat, so they are always in the know.

Over the last 12 months, Levno has monitored 14 billion litres of milk - alerting farmers to issues so they can be fixed before they feel their impact.

Levno chose Vodafone for its technical capability to support their Farm Monitoring solution and its New Zealand wide IoT networks.

Vodafone provided Levno with technical support as they developed their Farm Monitoring solution so it would have optimized performance when deployed in rural environments across New Zealand.

Levno has now deployed their Farm Monitoring solution across thousands of farms from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island.

How we helped them

Our IoT Managed Connectivity Platform gives Levno visibility and control of their IoT devices anywhere within New Zealand and internationally. It can track the location of any SIM installed in an asset, alert them to unusual activity, produce reports on performance and data usage, activate new SIMs and manage them throughout their lifecycle.

The IoT Managed Connectivity Platform allows Levno to be more efficient in managing their extensive deployment of Farm Monitoring solutions across rural New Zealand.

Taking New Zealand Agritech Global

After successfully deploying thousands of Farm Monitoring solutions, Levno is at the next stage of their growth, which will see them deploying their solutions in Ireland, another country with a strong farming pedigree.

Vodafone’s Global Sim coverage will allow Levno to seamlessly deploy solutions in Ireland and Europe.

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